A Bag Of Cats

(Touch) Used CD $13.00

First issue of Spiral audio-magazine, with booklet and postcard, in slipcase card sleeve. From 1990



(Touch) Used CD $4.00

“Parlane’s rich and vibrant pulses emanate and exude away from a center boiling over with the unspeakable,” marvels Brainwashed. “Iris sounds like the universal Om hissing in through subjective ears, playing with the phenomenology of experience, and coming to rest in the form of a vision…. “Part 2” hums and modulates away over the organic sounds of glass, chains, and textured friction washing by in an organized concerto for metal surfaces and brooms. “Part 1” rolls along slowly, almost like a lullaby, until the processed sound of white noise begins raining down over the calm…. “Part 3” is perhaps the most stunning…. The rhythmic popping and snapping mix perfectly with the organ flows passing above and beneath.” Drilled hole in upper right