Real Folk: Lathe Cut Singles 1993-1997

(Pica Disk) 4xCD $35.00

A bona-fide underground legend, Witcyst has been creating completely unique noise music from the isolation of smalltown New Zealand since the late eighties. This mysterious force of the deep noise underground is the freest of the free, unhampered by arch design or advanced technique. Forty tracks from twenty self-released seven-inch lathe-cut singles originally released in editions of ten to twenty copies. Three booklets (seventy-two pages) of artwork, photos and an extensive first-time home interview of Mykl Veet by Noel Meek. Edition of 300



(Crawlspace) Used 3x8-inch (lathe cut) $50.00 (Out-of-stock)

Muffled lullabies, creepy atmospheres, low-fi skree, tape manipulation, found sounds by this prolific New Zealand recluse. Handmade LP-sized sleeve constructed from duct tape, collage, spraypaint. Sealed.