Voice Studies 08

(My Dance The Skull - VS08) Cassette $9.50

Veronica Lovejoy spent most of 2004 on a residency inside Black Rose’s private gallery. The unpublicized installation, entitled Gestation, combined kinetic sculpture with performance art, and pushed the limits of movement and sound for this emerging artist. The conclusion, witnessed by a small handful of friends, family and medical professionals, concerned some with its mishandling of anaesthesia, near-traumatic contortion, and bodily fluids. Following a three-day stay in the hospital, where doctors monitored Lovejoy’s jaundice, discharge was granted and work on the next piece began almost immediately. Described as “anti-playerly” and “within an undefined nether-space between voice and brass,” This Is Yvonne Lovejoy’s “Admit It” could be seen as related to the extended techniques and subtle decibel range of Franz Hautzinger, Axel Dörner, and nmperign. Veronica Lovejoy refuses to comment on influences. c20.



(Psychic Encumbrance) 7-inch (lathe cut) $15.00

A fragmented suite in anywhere from two to ten parts (depending on how you count) by this Glands of External Secretion spinoff group. Strewn throughout its genetic make up are: not-quite-outsider freedom familiar to anyone on whose face Melon Expander’s Brain-Sucking Peanunanners CD puts a smile; field recordings from locales rural, urban, foreign and domestic; and ahem, "musical" moments where naïve, intuition-based curiosity is satisfied with squeaky duck, Taiko drum, nut shells, recorder, piano, voice, slurping, and guitar. All scrambled in a primitive, musique concrète style. Edition of 25.