Voice Studies 15

(My Dance The Skull - VS15) Cassette $9.50 (Out-of-stock)

Phonetic voice, noise emissions, no electronics. c50


Voice Studies 09

(My Dance The Skull - VS09) Cassette $9.50

Three live performances by the founder of Norway’s Gold Soundz label. “The Demise of Personal Hygiene” is a series of gurgles, blonks, boings, and thuds, while “Procrastination is the Square Root” and “A Possible Outbreak of Clinical Hysteria” continue the contact mic clashing crashing guttural rumble. “At various time [Bjerga] sounds like a child talking through a balloon while being manipulated by evil adults,” notes The Wire. “He breaks some plates in an industrial kitchen accident, then we take a ride through his digestive system (à la Roger Waters / Ron Geesin) until we emerge worm-like through his bottom….”


Voice Studies 07

(My Dance The Skull - VS07) Cassette $9.50

"Approximate Air" backed with "Apostatic Aria" by this modern kingpin of sound poetry who twists and bends language in engaging, disturbing ways. Blonk clicks, blurts, and snaps his voice, creating unusual sounds and noises, mimicking nature and often injecting offbeat humor. c20.


Voice Studies 04

(My Dance The Skull - VS04) Cassette $9.50 (Out-of-stock)

"The most fucked-up installment to date," marvel our friends across the pond at Volcanic Tongue. "The sound of mangled and mutilated breath fed through a grinder and coming across like a rust-coated prehistoric numbers station straining to escape the gravities of Aaron Dilloway-style 8-track loop carnage. Dark, threatening and extremely disturbing vocal recordings that work the man/machine divide with uncanny power.” C20.


Voice Studies 14

(My Dance The Skull - VS14) Cassette $9.50 (Out-of-stock)

Performance poet and Kommisar Hjuler collaborator AG Davis flees from the rumblings, the snorts and onomatopoeia and engages a battle with his own inspiration. Poetry as a result of breath, invented language and delusions.


Voice Studies 03

(My Dance The Skull - VS03) Cassette $9.50

"The tape starts out in ultra-minimal fashion," summarizes our astute comrades at Volcanic Tongue, "With Mama singing on the very edge of hearing before she bursts into a concerted almost Junko-esque series of shrieks and body convulsions and Kommissar enters with a cracked nursery rhyme theme that he repeats to the point of insanity while reducing Mama’s accompaniment to virtual hysteria.” C40


Voice Studies 06

(My Dance The Skull - VS06) Cassette $9.50

Duo effort by Mark E. Miller and Matthew Wascovich. The former's a percussionist who knows his way around an Indonesian Gamelan orchestra and has contributed to work by the usual downtown suspects, while the latter is Cleveland kingpin and frontman of Scarcity of Tanks, with more books of poetry and artwork than most undergrads could read in a whole semester. C20. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2011


Voice Studies 05

(My Dance The Skull - VS05) Cassette $9.50 (Out-of-stock)

A breakthrough in mumbling and electronic screeching. C20.


Voice Studies 01

(My Dance The Skull - VS01) Cassette $9.50 (Out-of-stock)

"The Tree Is Tabled," recorded live at Nefertiti Jazz Club, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 2010, reworked at home, February 2011. "Music For Trainables" recorded 2002 at home with Karen Constance, Patrick Wells, Cecile Gilbert, Caroline Lewis, Jussi Brightmore and Paul Wilson. Reworked at home, February 2011. C20.


Voice Studies 16

(My Dance The Skull - VS16) Cassette $9.50 (Out-of-stock)

Beginning with recordings of verbal descriptions of every single bodily sensation had by Saunders during one day, Z’ev returned a written edit of Saunders’s text. Saunders subsequently forced himself wake up many times throughout the night and record more, to which Z’ev then composed music using only his vocals and added the words. To quote Guillaume Belhomme , “The consequence of the gesture on the anguished speaker is always efficient.” c100


Voice Studies 10

(My Dance The Skull - VS10) Cassette $9.50

On the entrancing “Let the Body Attend (for Angus MacLise),” Bolide member and Wire contributor Spicer yelps and gets the Gertrude Stein-esque circular verbiage going while Evie Spicer beats the hell out of percussion instruments. “The Diamond Life (for Henry Flynt)” consists of the title phrase, freakout Ornette violin-crushing by Spicer and a gaggle of friends making assorted hippy / ritual / rant sounds in and around.


Voice Studies 08

(My Dance The Skull - VS08) Cassette $9.50

Veronica Lovejoy spent most of 2004 on a residency inside Black Rose’s private gallery. The unpublicized installation, entitled Gestation, combined kinetic sculpture with performance art, and pushed the limits of movement and sound for this emerging artist. The conclusion, witnessed by a small handful of friends, family and medical professionals, concerned some with its mishandling of anaesthesia, near-traumatic contortion, and bodily fluids. Following a three-day stay in the hospital, where doctors monitored Lovejoy’s jaundice, discharge was granted and work on the next piece began almost immediately. Described as “anti-playerly” and “within an undefined nether-space between voice and brass,” This Is Yvonne Lovejoy’s “Admit It” could be seen as related to the extended techniques and subtle decibel range of Franz Hautzinger, Axel Dörner, and nmperign. Veronica Lovejoy refuses to comment on influences. c20.


Voice Studies 02

(My Dance The Skull - VS02) Cassette $9.50

A close read of Stephen Collins and Charlotte Arrowsmith speaking and moving, the noises they make and how they make them. This realignment of the awareness on the sounds normally tuned out and ignored is sometimes relaxing, sometimes annoying. C20.