The Pleasure Tunnel / The Temple of Paradise

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Claustrophobic dream events recorded when Saunders had a lung infection, made even more tense and surreal by the addition of Zylo’s magic. The slow, droning cacophony of “The Pleasure Tunnel” picks up depth as it grows. The whistles and wheezes of Saunders are still there, but the noise is enveloping, a bassy drive that closes in. “The Temple of Paradise” starts more abrasively and settles into whirring, echoing drones – dreamy, then colossal bass. Disconnectedness, jolting and mesmerizing. Includes written transcripts of Saunders’s dreams and a download coupon.


Voice Studies 16

(My Dance The Skull - VS16) Cassette $9.50 (Out-of-stock)

Beginning with recordings of verbal descriptions of every single bodily sensation had by Saunders during one day, Z’ev returned a written edit of Saunders’s text. Saunders subsequently forced himself wake up many times throughout the night and record more, to which Z’ev then composed music using only his vocals and added the words. To quote Guillaume Belhomme , “The consequence of the gesture on the anguished speaker is always efficient.” c100