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Directional recordings of Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Corrections House), Dave Purdie (Silver Abuse, Satan 2000), Brian Klein (The Machinist), Andy Ortmann (Panicsville, Nihilist Records) and Arvo Zylo playing mostly untrained brass and woodwind together inside a meat locker, subsequently cut into hundreds of loops, layered, and massaged. Playable at all speeds (always a good sign). Unique, handmade covers. Hand-stamped and –numbered inserts. Edition of 200. Listen to excerpts here:


The Pleasure Tunnel / The Temple of Paradise

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Claustrophobic dream events recorded when Saunders had a lung infection, made even more tense and surreal by the addition of Zylo’s magic. The slow, droning cacophony of “The Pleasure Tunnel” picks up depth as it grows. The whistles and wheezes of Saunders are still there, but the noise is enveloping, a bassy drive that closes in. “The Temple of Paradise” starts more abrasively and settles into whirring, echoing drones – dreamy, then colossal bass. Disconnectedness, jolting and mesmerizing. Includes written transcripts of Saunders’s dreams and a download coupon.



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Fifty locked-grooves per side by Pornocane, Himei Koukotsu, Le Scrambled Debutante, Magic Is Kuntmaster, Black Leather Jesus, Crash Worship, Cock ESP. Dave Phillips, Anakrid, Cryptic Weeevil, Samuel Henry, Insect Deli, Robert Inhuman, The Machinist, Protman, Satanicpornocultshop, Dan Layne, Little Fyodor, Hiss, Faith, Fecalove, Splinter vs Stalin, Pereid, A Pink Cloud, Dead Peni, Mister Fuckhead, Sixes, Ophibre, The Electric Set, Wyrm, Pommel, IDX1274, Mutant Ape, Torturing Nurse, The Lonely Procession, Children’s Guide, Sid Redlin, Mr. California, Nurse With Wound, Amphibious Gestures, Indian Jewelry, Helios Creed, Rubber O Cement, Mykel Boyd, Warmth, Panicsville, Ortmann & Wiese, Cables, Sudden Infant, Crank Sturgeon, EaViL, Clayton Counts, Skozey Fetisch, Emulsion, Symbol Of Subversion, Death Factory, Infirmary, To Live And Shave In L.A. Red vinyl. Edition of 333 copies from 2008. In 10-inch jacket with inserts.


Sequencer Works Volume Two

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Tracks from between 2000 and 2003, both released in limited quantities and previously unreleased. Recorded entirely with a Yamaha Rm1x sequencer in a closet or crawlspace.