Keynote Dialogues

(Monotype - MONO053) CD $14.00

The first solo album in twelve years by the Dutch master of the interface of voice, electronics, samples and sound synthesis. Blonk combines a childlike freedom in improvisation with a keen grasp of structure. Highlights include: "Buitenboordspuug" (a multi-track mouth piece that utilizes his "cheek synthesizer" technique); the title track, comprised of texts generated from the word "pukhterg" in his invented GeenKrimpian language; "Cimbrod King" (made of processed samples of a mockingbird's singing, and poetry containing anagrams of the names of birds); and a live scrambling version of the multi-track voice piece "Gramm."


Voice Studies 07

(My Dance The Skull - VS07) Cassette $9.50

"Approximate Air" backed with "Apostatic Aria" by this modern kingpin of sound poetry who twists and bends language in engaging, disturbing ways. Blonk clicks, blurts, and snaps his voice, creating unusual sounds and noises, mimicking nature and often injecting offbeat humor. c20.