Joyous Junctures

(Eh?) Cassette $10.00

“Outrageous voice hoots and nonsensical flappery-barks with various forms of fragmented, doodly electronic music and percussive snippets,” says Sound Projector admiringly. “As title promises, this is indeed an album full of joyous sounds and happy coincidences, a trip in a balloon that makes absurdity and madness seem like great fun.”


I Managed to Get Out Through a Secret Door

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“Two long pieces for prepared guitar, where Josh Ronsen, resembling an uncertain version of Hans Reichel, strings together disconnected and non-musical phrases, accompanied by Jason Pierce’s politely restrained cymbal brushing,” mentions our friend at Sound Projector. “ ‘Shoham’ showcases Ronsen’s solo live electronics work…, an extended bout of frowning and glowering translated into monolithic electric moans. He combines his electronics set-up with a turntable and guitar on ‘Art brings a tiny gleam…’, and again succeeds in erecting an inscrutable wall which asks more questions than it answers.”


Thing Music

(Eh?) Cassette $10.00

“Unsettled and uneasy” is how The Wire describes Thing Music, an album that “gnaws at its audience, an anti-music clot-clog so palpably physical you can almost hold it as you hear it, composed using objects including bouncy balls, mini Solo cups and a large metal spring…. A living, breathing Rube Goldberg machine determined to subdue and assimilate every sentient being who encounters it.”


[Four Plus One]

(Eh?) Used CDR $4.00

“Michael Kimaid, Gabe Beam and Ryan Dohm’s electroacoustic timbral array includes drums, percussion, signals, strings, horns, electronics, objects, trumpet, cello and no-input mixer. Spare instrumental touches and slices of freely resonant metal are often present, as are cycles of tones and hums that Tod Dockstader would approve. The purr and the clink, the static and the segmented, the logical and the unclassifiable live together effortlessly, making for a five-track assortment that bears frequent spins and by no means outstays its welcome.” From 2008



(Eh? - EH27) Used CD $5.00

Gently chaotic collage construct drone and noise-lite dribble from 2007 that keeps Sound Projector’s Ed Pinsent happy for hours as it spirals out in to never-ending whirlpools of slightly grimy seawater. The four long tracks here by Bryan Day, Alex Boardman, Joseph Jaros, and Andrew Perdue contain plenty of bizarro sound effects, electronics, muffled bass rumbles, and guitar noises, ultimately coming across like strange meeting between Frippertronics and early Tangerine Dream.