Hi-God People / Zond

(Spanish Magic - SM011) split LP $24.00

The Hi-God People side was recorded around the same time as their recent split 12-inch with fellow NZers The Dead C; it has live snippets from their show at The Palace supporting Sonic Youth and recordings from a radio 3CR session. Their live shows vary from cosmic rock jams to evolution performance art epics. Pop stars doing the tango with some psychedelic monk. Named after a satellite of the USSR, Melbourne Australia's Zond broadcast dark ecstasy from a place far below outer space, like a Rorschach blot or a Freudian analysis gone wrong. Their live shows vary from a screaming psychedelic car crash to ambient metal. With current and past members of On, Fong, Library Punks, Mum Smokes, Ned & the Meds, The Stabs. All covers are handmade (screenprints, stencils, hand carved stamps). Australian import.