(Spanish Magic - SM013) LP $24.00

Blake Hargraves and Liam Thurston’s dirty rock overdrives everything from under a sickening haze -- guitar, drums, turntable, homemade feedback devices and homemade drum triggering systems. Volcanic Tongue admire “this Canada-based riot squad” for their “riffs that sound like ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ tied to streamrollers and dragged on their face through industrial warehouse [combined] with the deforming use of clotted effects [and] endless vistas of crunch.” All covers are handmade (screenprints, stencils, hand carved stamps). Australian import.


Humans & Luxury

(Spanish Magic) 7-inch $7.00

From the badlands of Tasmania, through Melbourne share-house doors, and into your hands, Go Genre Everything are equal parts Crass, Tears For Fears and Luigi Russolo. Two tracks from Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness (Munchiegohilarious 2009), one from Megalomania, and one previously unreleased. Go Genre Everything emerged in 1974 as a screaming avant life epic orchestra called Abominibbleable with contemporaries such as Sun Ratsu and Brian Enema. Something happened in 1988 – not sure what exactly, but adjustments to psychic conditioning were involved, and it occurred in a place called Kyzyl City. This set the stage, apparently, for Dieter von Broumler to initiate first contact with Zach Von Bamburger (guitar, vocals) and Jen Tait (drums, keyboards, vocals) and form Go Genre Everything, a self-described “complex sonic experiment voicing myriad environments, traversing and exploring function and situation, form, void and meaning. Designed within a utilitarian sensorial intertalk mode, we are a multidimensional fluidic high energy organic network with mechanical interfacing devices, tenderly electrocuting neurons within human brains.” They perform music, in other words. Which, according to, exists “in a zone of their own no-wave-meets-drone-psych-noise making.”


Hi-God People / Zond

(Spanish Magic - SM011) split LP $24.00

The Hi-God People side was recorded around the same time as their recent split 12-inch with fellow NZers The Dead C; it has live snippets from their show at The Palace supporting Sonic Youth and recordings from a radio 3CR session. Their live shows vary from cosmic rock jams to evolution performance art epics. Pop stars doing the tango with some psychedelic monk. Named after a satellite of the USSR, Melbourne Australia's Zond broadcast dark ecstasy from a place far below outer space, like a Rorschach blot or a Freudian analysis gone wrong. Their live shows vary from a screaming psychedelic car crash to ambient metal. With current and past members of On, Fong, Library Punks, Mum Smokes, Ned & the Meds, The Stabs. All covers are handmade (screenprints, stencils, hand carved stamps). Australian import.