Alvarius B

(Abduction - ABDT011) 2xLP $175.00

Thirty-nine tracks from 1997. Raw solo acoustic guitar songs that are ugly, mean and funny. Really weird folk music from some parallel universe. Sealed. Edition of 500


Alvarius B

(Abduction - ABDT004) LP $45.00

Twenty-eight instrumental acoustic guitar excursions into a realm of weird lo-fi rustic beauty that sketch retro-portraits of folk guitar styles from abrasive to delicate. Lucid antique paintings with acoustic guitar, recorded in the late 1980s, released in 1994, employing Appalachian polyrhythms, dark melodies, flamenco thrash, alien tunings, pseudo-Eastern drones, cinematic backroad twang, and other hybrid ideas. Sealed. Edition of 1000.


Fuck You And The Horse You Rode In On

(Abduction - ADBT052) LP $25.00

Brain-splattered, pre-Sun City Girls weirdness from 1981-1983, consisting of raw, live and unfiltered home recordings on acoustic and electric guitars with effects, vocals, flute, harmonica, and miscellaneous odd instruments. Edition of 400


Shadow Instrumentals

(Abduction) Used LP $20.00

“From the explosive drum rolls of the opening track — Phillipe Sarde’s ‘L’appel du Vere’ from Roman Polanski’s The Tenant — to the darkly exotic finale ‘A Housewife’s Dram,’ this record from 2009 is a superbly crafted mosaic of whip-cracking vengeance, speakeasy hallucinations, and haunted geography. Italian western overtones. Carnivalesque freak show backdrops. Khorshid Egyptian guitar passages. Flipped-out electronic space psych. A thick damp fog must have been rolling in from the creek behind Randall Dunn’s West Seattle studio when these recordings were made. It sounds like the ultimate mid-’60s surf-vampire-western revival soundtrack, with elements of Joe Meek’s best Moontrekkers productions crossed with a dash of Badalamentian murder blues drama, setting the stage for Steve Schmitt’s cobra-twilight guitar work and Dave Abramson’s drum kit outlaw splatter.”


Live Low To The Earth, In The Iron Age

(Abduction) Used CD $35.00 (Out-of-stock)

Atmospheric instrumental excursions for guitar, violin, bass, and drums, performed in an elusive higher-key sunset mode with The Sun City Girls (doing business here as The Neti Neti Band). Purely ecstatic.


Volume 1

(Abduction) Used LP $8.00

The debut recording from 2005 by an anonymous Seattle outfit of assembled misfits, sub criminals and castaways. Fifteen tracks


Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vols 11 & 12: Radio One & Two

(Abduction) 2xCD $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Overseas shortwave and field recordings, Uncle Jim rants, skronky improv madness, pretty instrumental interludes, re-engineered soundtrack themes and bizarre mixes. Recorded in 2002 on WFMU.


Dante’s Disneyland Inferno

(Abduction - ABDT007 ) Used 2xCD $40.00

The inevitable “sprawling masterpiece” in which Divine Comedian Charlie Gocher takes his rightful spot on the dais alongside Burroughs and Firesign Theatre. All the major mood musics appear: bongo bohemia, C & W, lounge swing, ooga booga rock, children’s melodies and the other 112 as well.


Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol. 2: The Dreamy Draw

(Abduction - ABDT013 ) Used CD $18.00 (Out-of-stock)

Ominous, dark, sour, and immediately engaging, where the lo-fi improv is in narrow focus, bell-driven, cohesive and dreamy. Shambling graveyard theme music for piano, Indonesian percussion, a slow harmonium line that purrs like a resting tiger. Javier Gallegos guests on the title track, a 21-minute free workout on gamelan that begins with intoxicated, near-random bashing and gradually works up to a demonic-possession trance state. Recorded live at GBU, Seattle in 1998.


Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol. 3: Superculto

(Abduction - ABDT014) CD $28.00

Totally unmusical music recorded live at GBU, Seattle in 1997. “It's like a refrigerated tosser, crushed fingers, full of hemline theory,” says Marty Perez, “Every angle is covered, explicitly.” Shoulder-biter Mark Prindle says “sharp ... satire…, nice … bit of nice banjo interplay…, great drumpile of rhythms. [T]witchy psychotic … floppy.”


Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol. 5: Severed Finger With A Wedding Ring

(Abduction - ABDT016 ) CD $28.00

Recorded live in Seattle 2000, where it’s gotta gotta rock, so here’s an organ-driven jam that Les Scurry recommends listening to “while driving a hearse with Angus Scrimm.” And there’s another jam, broken and spastic. The trio also captures an evil rite’r two, schizophrenia comes together, noise explodes, coherence slithers in for a nightcap. The Happy Occasion dynamic at its finest.


Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol. 6: Sumatran Electric Chair

(Abduction - ABDT018) CD $28.00 (Out-of-stock)

“My Friend RAIN” in beautiful trad Burma style opens the album, with the rest mixing short electric and acoustic procedures, studio effects, mixed found-sound, pavement rattle and actual wah-wah excursions.


Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol. 7: Libyan Dream

(Abduction - ABDT019) CD $28.00 (Out-of-stock)

Libyan Dream begins with a burst of brutal guitar and drum as the SCGs cover “Journey to the Center of the Mind” for a second time. Busted trash-squeal guitar; sprawling and demented instrumentals; frenetic, land-of-sand fuzzballs; an update of “The Vinegar Stroke”; Middle-Eastern hillbilly chants; and stunning sequences that range from completely falling apart to near-telepathy. The title track references styles from across the globe, from flamenco to rock to raga. “Sangkala Suite” is flat out gorgeous, the kind that makes fat men sit down.


Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol. 8: The Handsome Stranger

(Abduction - ABDT020 ) Used CD $18.00

Gocher-centric hilarity in the form of a surrealist mini-opera involving JFK, Abraham Lincoln (can’t have one without the other), John Wilkes Booth, sodomy, and the mother of all dream vacations spots, hell. Puzzling, profane and therefore deeply satisfying, with supporting hoot ranging from saloon-style piano and swingin’ faux-lounge jazz daddy-o to maudlin easy-listening and rickety, uneasy drone ambiance.


Flute And Mask

(Abduction - ABDT024) CD $24.00

Mostly acoustic instrumentation -- strings, percussion, gamelan, and other unidentifiable sources. With “Where's My Fuckin’ Jesus?” and “Dukun Olympic Theater” (epic theater pieces with percussion and voice, faux-monk chanting), “I Saw a Cigarette Breathing So I Smoked It” (Gamelan), “Lord Brown of Due South” (low tribal drums, bowed string instrument, chanting and shaken percussion), “Balcony Sampoerna” (arcane texts, mesmerizing chants), “Lord White of the North” (percussion, growling, bowed string instruments). Edition of 500


330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond The Rig Veda

(Get Back - GET718) 3xLP $55.00 (Out-of-stock)

(Abduction - ABDT008) Used 2xCD $40.00 (Out-of-stock)

The second vinyl reissue of their double-CD (Abduction 1996), partly an ethno-surrealist take on places and forms known (Indonesian gamelan, Bollywood soundtracks, Polynesian folk, surf stylistics, and sci-fi thematics) and partly a stupefying surreal ethnography of places yet to be discovered. Clear highlight is "Ghost Ghat Tresspass / Sussmeier," recorded live at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco with Eyvind Kang on violin, but two tracks from the Torch Of The Mystics sessions and a couple remixes of tracks previously available only on 78rpm 10-inch (Perfect 1994) are nothing to snuff the incense over either.


Torch Of The Mystics

(Abduction - ABDT055) CD $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

The most popular and revered SCGs album, as unique a psychedelic statement as anything since the early 1970s. “Their recordings tend to be scattershot fiestas of lump-rich gumbo,” observes Byron Coley, “And Mystics is easily the richest, lumpiest puddle of guh they’ve yet emitted.”


Funeral Mariachi

(Abduction - ABDT047) CD $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Eleven well-crafted gems that display the refined studio production side of SCGs, shrouded in an otherworldly glow. Beyond the gorgeous folk and vocals driving the trio’s final album, there is a heavy retro Italian cinema influence, Arabic and Indonesian references, and a ghostly psychedelic moodiness throughout.


Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol. 4: A Bullet Through The Last Temple

(Abduction - ABDT015) CD $20.00

Forty-plus minutes of improv madness from December 1997, driven by Charlie Gocher’s drums and Rick Bishop’s piano, with guests David Carter (trumpet) and Teri Nelson Zagar (upright bass). Subdued yet still active Eastern explorations with a strange modal feel earn comparison to Alice Coltrane, while “In the Bosom of Uncle,” with its oddball mumbled vocals and percussion, could be a more dada Art Ensemble of Chicago.



(Abduction) Used CD $17.50

Instrumental tracks of drums, bass, and electric guitar with Rick Bishop’s wah-wah pedal in full force throughout, recorded in a Seattle garage in 2001, recalling a late ’60s acid-stoner jam. The playing is fluid, direct, and spontaneous with that semi-coherent SCG touch. Originally released as a tour-only CD in 2002. Edition of 500.