Orfeu Da Conceição E Otras Histórias

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Tracks from the mid-’50s by the fathers of the Bossa Nova revolution in Brazilian music. Sealed.



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Mid-1980s BBC recordings from the godfathers of electro-industrial; arrangements are stripped down to a barebones, minimalist approach that is harder and funkier than the studio album cuts from three period. Includes three tracks from nowhere else in the Cabaret Voltaire discography. 2001 pressing


Johnny Cash Sings Hank Williams

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2002 reissue of 1960 covers of “I Can't Help It,” “You Win Again,” “Hey Good Lookin’,” and “I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You,” as well as originals “Folsom Prison Blues,” “I Walk The Line,” and more. 180-gram vinyl.


Original Sun Sound

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Twelve tracks from 1965, including “Belshazzar,” “Born To Lose,” “Two Timing Woman,” and “Big River.” 2002 reissue on 180-gram vinyl.


Now Here’s Johnny Cash

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Twelve Sun tracks from 1961, showing off Cash’s deep, resonant baritone and spare, percussive guitar. 2002 reissue on 180-gram vinyl.


Get Rhythm

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Eleven tracks recorded between 1955 and 1958, but not released until 1969, featuring Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant. 2002 reissue on 180-gram vinyl


Story Songs Of The Trains And Rivers

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Late ’50s tracks originally released in 1969 on Sun. Includes “Hey Porter” and ten other gems with Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant. 2002 reissue on 180-gram vinyl.


With His Hot And Blue Guitar

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2002 reissue of his debut studio album from 1957. Includes “Cry, Cry, Cry,” “So Doggone Lonesome,” “I Walk The Line,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” and eight others. 180-gram vinyl


First Utterance

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Taking British folk as a point of departure, First Utterance twists and oozes like vile snakes, pairing gorgeous melodies with ecstatic, altered vocals and vicious lyrics about rape, murder, witchcraft and abuse, all cooked with raging madness. Get Back's 1998 reissue includes three bonus tracks from their rare maxi-single (Dawn Records 1971). 180-gram vinyl, gatefold jacket.


Black Suite

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“The presence of Anthony Braxton as part of the band really makes for an intoxicating brew,” says Eugene Chadbourne about this exploratory improv masterwork from 1971, “if abstract free jazz is the cup of tea on order. Braxton is fantastic in a collaboratory role, adding texture with his contrabass clarinet that brings to mind the fog rolling into the forest right before the scene where the villagers storm the evil castle. Arthur Jones cuts loose on alto sax… fiery, full of spirit, always an exciting presence. As kind of the lost voice of the trumpet in modern jazz, Coursil is not only a great discovery for the modern jazz fan, but a fine creative vintage that holds up to repeat visits over the years…. It is one of the best examples of just how beautiful modern jazz can be.” 2002 reissue on 180g vinyl


Way Ahead

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“A highly overlooked and absolutely stunning free jazz session” from 1969, according to All Music Guide, retaining “an openness that makes dates by AACM associates like Roscoe Mitchell more palatable for those inexperienced with the freewheeling ‘energy music’ of the late ’60s. The first side finds the group tackling two Coursil originals, while the entire second side is an extended version of Bill Dixon’s ‘Paper’.” 2001 reissue. Gatefold jacket



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Get Back's 1998 reissue of underground free tribal music from 1969 by Austin Grasmere, Brian Elliot, and The Connecticut Tribe. Dadaist psych-folk vibes dominate, with chanting, tribal percussion, short wave radio, maniacal, almost black metal vocals, hysterical laughter, bagpipes and more.



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“A trance of sorts, maintaining a propulsion best tied to spiritual jazz, moving from … from fiery avant-garde to the low key, with Arthur Jones’s beautiful sax voicings and flutes by Joseph Jarman, Kenneth Terroade, and Roscoe Mitchell always hanging about. This live recording from the late 1960s seems to twist and turn on the whims of Jones and Delcloo. Flutes largely continue the Asian sounding melody, but Delcloo comes in and kicks it up, starting a percussion wave that makes good work of Clifford Thornton’s congas, Earl Freeman’s gongs and bells, and Malachi Favors’s log drums.” 2002 reissue. 180g vinyl


Destroy All Monsters

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2009 reissue of Cherry Red’s Bored anthology from 1991


The New Lee Dorsey

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2003 reissue of the former boxer and R’n’B legend’s 1966 album with Allen Toussaint, who perfectly blends funky soul with New Orleans bounce. Includes “Working In A Coalmine,” “Holy Cow,” “Ride Your Pony” and more.


The Album

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1998 reissue of a ridiculous classic (The Label 1977), packed with songs about daydreams, hot girls in math class, and bad-taste fantasies of prostitutes and necrophilia, all sounding about the same, played with one stiff, light-speed beat, snotty vehemence, adolescent energy, and gleeful destructiveness. Andy Blade leads the charge with a mush-mouthed shout, and the spit flying from his lips is almost audible. Ian Woodcock’s bass provides no low end whatsoever, nimbly downstroking with a comical treble tone, and guitarist Brian Chevette is all slop, thrashing out trashy fuzz and struggling to keep up with the temper tantrum beat by drummers Dee Generate and Phil Rowland. Sealed


Hex Enduction Hour +

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2005 reissue of this classic album from 1982, a big stomping record heavy on keyboards and powered by the two-drummer lineup of Paul Hanley and Karl Burns. Bonus tracks include “I’m Into C.B.” from Kamera's 1982 seven-inch and six live recordings. Liner notes by Daryl Easlea


Ginsberg’s Thing

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2004 reissue of late 1960s recordings from The Festival of Two Worlds, Spoleto, Italy. 180g vinyl. Sealed


Preston 28 February 1980

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“Incubation,” “Wilderness,” “Twenty Four Hours,” “The Eternal,” “Heart and Soul,” “Shadowplay,” “Transmission,” “Disorder,” “Warsaw,” “Colony,” “Interzone,” and “She's Lost Control.” Liner notes by Anthony Wilson. 180-gram vinyl.


The Perfect Release

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Reissue of maverick’s second solo album (Aura 1979), that stitches together the lounge jazz of Lower Manhattan, the Brazilian pop of Tom Jobim, Nara Leao, and Caetano Veloso, the slippery funk of War, and the shifty rock skullduggery of Joni Mitchell’s L.A. studio period. Seven extended tracks, where steel drums crosscut guitar, synths shape the hallway Peacock sings into, pop stylings are slashed to ribbons, razor blade lyrics drip from her mouth like running water, the band creates gorgeous grooves, and there’s a fourteen-minute beat poetry dissertation filled with sensual riffing and rapping.


Terminal Tower

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1998 reissue of their 1985 retrospective collection of early singles from the mid-’70s. Sealed


New Picnic Time

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On this 1979 album, Pere Ubu shifted to a brighter, more open sound with a deformed blues ethic. Still bearing an air of disaster, Thomas’s story-songs increasingly focus on common elements of everyday life, drawing more in line with his religious beliefs. 2000 reissue on 180g vinyl, in a gatefold jacket. Sealed


The Modern Dance

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A dauntingly seamless debut from 1978 coupling arty introspection with old-school garage-rock squall. Frontman David Thomas uses his bizarro-world warble to yelp out fusillades of angst and spin dreamworld visions. 1999 reissue.



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2002 reissue of this 1979 roots reggae charmer by the legendary Prince Lincoln and crew.


Something / Anything?

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“Anyone who grew up on FM radio is used to hearing ‘Hello It’s Me’ sandwiched between, say, America and Elton John,” explains Pitchfork. But this obsessive, feature-length masterpiece, while being home to Rundgren’s most recognizable music, also contains a couple absurd, confrontational tracks such as ‘Piss Aaron’ and ‘Some Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me.’ “Elsewhere, there is plenty of extended jamming, studio banter, and, in one of the LP’s most jarring moments, a full minute-plus track of Rundgren breaking the fourth wall to teach listeners about poor production.” Colored vinyl. Sealed


The Seeds

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Of the great garage punk bands of the 1960s, few seemed like a bad influence on as many levels as the The Seeds — long hair, gloriously lamentable fashion sense, an attitude both petulant and lackadaisical, and music that sounded aimless, horny, agitated, and stoned all at once. This 2003 reissue of their 1966 debut is dominated by the fierce, drawling yelp of Sky Saxon’s vocals and Daryl Hooper’s hypnotically repetitive keyboard patterns, and supported by the snarling report of Jan Savage’s guitar and Rick Andridge’s implacable drumming.



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Italian reissue from 2001 of the 18th volume in the BYG Actuel series, in a gatefold jacket, on 180-gram vinyl. Originally recorded at Studio Davout in Paris on August 16th, 1969. An intense and sublime album with Lester Bowie and Malachi Flavors, Dave Burrell, Philly Joe Jones and Jeanne Lee. 180g vinyl. Sealed


Luna Surface

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2002 reissue of volume twelve in BYG’s Actuel series, a high-water mark in free jazz and pan-African art music. Recorded August 17, 1969, with Grachan Moncur III, Archie Shepp, Anthony Braxton, Dave Burrell, Leroy Jenkins, Malachi Favors.


Autumn Stone

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2001 reissue of Immediate’s 1969 cash-in anthologizes a mix of hit singles (going all the way back to their Decca Records years, with “Whatcha Gonna Do About It” and “All or Nothing”) and up through their final 45, “The Universal,” plus three songs recorded live at Newcastle Town Hall in early 1968, a bunch of album tracks, and unissued tracks from the tail-end of their history, presumably intended for their third, never-finished Immediate LP. A good overview of the group’s work and history, depicting its transition from a white British Invasion-era soul band to a more laid-back and experimental psychedelic outfit.


330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond The Rig Veda

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The second vinyl reissue of their double-CD (Abduction 1996), partly an ethno-surrealist take on places and forms known (Indonesian gamelan, Bollywood soundtracks, Polynesian folk, surf stylistics, and sci-fi thematics) and partly a stupefying surreal ethnography of places yet to be discovered. Clear highlight is "Ghost Ghat Tresspass / Sussmeier," recorded live at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco with Eyvind Kang on violin, but two tracks from the Torch Of The Mystics sessions and a couple remixes of tracks previously available only on 78rpm 10-inch (Perfect 1994) are nothing to snuff the incense over either.


Fluxus Anthology

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2001 reissue of solid collection of tracks, ideas and happenings recorded between 1956 and 1998 from artists Walter Marchetti, Juan Hidalgo, La Monte Young, Ben Vautier, Wolf Vostell, Milan Knizak, Robert Filliou, Alison Knowles, Emmett Williams, John Cage, Joseph Beuys, Yoko Ono, Dick Higgins, Philip Corner, Eric Andersen, Robert Watta, Nam June Paik, and Ken Friedman. Clear vinyl.