Short Fuse

(Alt.Vinyl - AV071) LP + CD $24.00

Paul Thomsen Kirk’s fifth full-length album navigates the last of the concrete, glass and steel of the large urban cityscapes of Japan and enters the de-populated rural villages and barren rice fields. Sound-tracked by pounding rhythms; disembodied electronics; roughly hewn, effected samples; whirling dervish dance-marathons; concussive percussion; and twisted snippets of lost conversations, the album is akin to listening to a multi-waveband radio tuned into post-Fukushima short wave transmissions replete with static-laden, disembodied newscasters lamenting forgotten faces and life-lines to the gone forever, the extinguished firmament of normality. CD contains entire album plus three non-vinyl bonus tracks. With inserts. 180-gram, colored vinyl. Edition of 250


Mensch Mensch Mensch

(Alt.Vinyl - AV054) LP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

Electro-acoustic explorations by these two Berlin-based composer-performers, who draw on musique concrète, free improv, noise and industrial, utilizing synth, field recordings, trumpet and percussion. 180g vinyl. Edition of 250.


Bottle Breaking Heart Leap

(Alt.Vinyl - AV0000060) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Intense 2012 live recording from The Left Bank in Leeds (a deconsecrated church with great acoustics) by two world-class improvisors who continue to develop a radical attitude to sound and interaction. 180-gram vinyl. Edition of 250



(Alt.Vinyl - AV059) LP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

This German post-industrial electronic innovator works with a curetronic modular system, a mopho, and Korg MS-20. Inspired by the awful and yet fascinating process of observing a close friend’s coma following a motorcycle crash, the album moves through initial hopes of recovery, followed by melancholic hopelessness as time passes. 180-gram vinyl.


Coma Box

(Alt.Vinyl - AV059BOX) LP + CD $60.00 (Out-of-stock)

This German post-industrial electronic innovator works with a curetronic modular system, a mopho, and Korg MS-20. Inspired by the awful and yet fascinating process of observing a close friend’s coma following a motorcycle crash, the album moves through initial hopes of recovery, followed by melancholic hopelessness as time passes. Contains LP, CD with bonus track, stacks of handmade inserts and photos. Outer black box with hand-punched metal plates showcasing the coma artwork. Edition of 50


Kaspian Black

(Alt.Vinyl - AV061) LP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

Former kingpin of the Athens pop / electronic scene and founding member of In Trance 95 uses unorthodox cello techniques, in collaboration with the French improv clarinettist known for vibrating speaker installations, noise and electro-acoustics. The duo balances between extremes of uninhibited cacophony and painstakingly detailed exploration of static floating sounds, powerful attacks and serene atmospheres. 180-gram vinyl. Screen-printed sleeve. Edition of 250


In A Frame

(Alt.Vinyl - AV043) LP $20.00

Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia’s second full length-LP that continues their development of a new, more contemporary form of industrial music. Recorded with old tape machines, vintage synths, beat boxes, crude fuzz boxes, tape echo, heavily filtered bass, and sound and dialogue samples from Italian television.



(Alt.Vinyl - AV058x) 4xLP $100.00 (Out-of-stock)

Definitive solo career retrospective of this seminal improvisational harpist — a mighty, almost unparalleled treatise on the harp within free-jazz and free-improv contexts, from the prepared explorations of Trem (Confront 2002), through the shimmering microtonal drone tunings of Over Shadows (Confront 2007), to the visceral metallic tone of Wound Response (Alt.Vinyl 2012) and the adroitly complex, yet almost playfully folkwise patter of An Air Swept Clean Of All Distance (Alt.Vinyl 2014). All platters are 180-gram (three on colored vinyl). Includes fliers, photographs, posters, printed scores, essays, liner notes and a free download. Hand-numbered edition of 250


And Air Swept Clean of All Distance

(Alt.Vinyl - AV057) LP $28.00 (Out-of-stock)

The radical, virtuoso harpist from Wales continuing his extended deconstruction of the instrument’s historical, cultural connotations, employing E-Bow and other preparations to make the harp sing, chatter and convulse in a way it has rarely done elsewhere (perhaps best compared to Derek Bailey’s treatment of the guitar or Okkyung Lee with the cello). Rivetingly tortuous and life-affirming. 180g, green vinyl. Screen printed jacket, with artwork by Jean Luc Guinnet and an essay by David Toop. Edition of 500 (250 of which are included in the Pedwar boxset).


Patina Pooling

(Alt.Vinyl - AV052) CD $36.00 (Out-of-stock)

This extended collaboration from the industrial northeast England and the spiritually neglected wastelands of Illinois delivers a mesmeric hybrid of two groups’ shared fascination with the residual, both real and metaphorical. Mirroring the alchemical, organic processes of decomposition, this album of exploratory call and response is a heaving, acousmatic mass of blurred found sound and breathing tape loops. The CD re-release replicates the original 2xLP packaging (Alt.Vinyl 2014) with individually weathered, rusted, etched sheets of steel. Heavy and messy.
Get the fourth component from the project, only available as a free download from SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/zoviet-france/zovietfrance-and-fossil-aerosol-mining-project-by-north-tundar-influence


33 Chatsworth Road

(Alt.Vinyl - AV062) 7-inch $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

Four tunes based on personal field recordings made across Africa and South-East Asia, arranged for solo electric guitar — a preview of an upcoming collaborative album between Joynes and Dead Rat Orchestra, which features ensemble arrangements of these pieces alongside other material also sourced from field recordings. Edition of 250


Le Puss Puss

(Alt.Vinyl - AV047) LP $22.50

I visitatori penetrate deep US underground culture, locate The Perfect Vibe (old B-movies, sci-fi memorabilia, monuments to trash rock’n’roll, giant mutant cats, loops of The Three Stooges playing on a small TV) and depart with an exit visa stamped with exotica from outer space, 50s tweed amps, upright bass, trumpet, various percussion, all kinds of weird toys.


Riel / EP de Zombies

(Alt.Vinyl - AV051) LP $24.00 (Out-of-stock)

Mora Riel’s dissonant chords and low, almost bass-like guitar sound fuses with the frenetic setbacks of Germán Loretti’s drums. Tuneful chaos that hits hard, recorded live in the studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Edition of 250


Beasts In The Garden

(Alt.Vinyl - AV063) LP $22.50 (Out-of-stock)

The seventh full-length record by Midwest visionaries Kathleen Baird and Taralie Peterson uses pedals to loop, layer, pitch bend and reverse their old instruments from their high school days (flute and alto sax, respectively). The duo’s dense, lush soundscapes verge toward the ecstatic, away from their signature darker moods. Baird pushes her voice to the next level with wildly operatic vocals on the fiery track “Schluss” and the discordant, terrifying “White On White.” With insert. Green 180-gram vinyl. Edition of 250