(A Bruit Secret) Used CD $8.00

Prepared guitar played with a resonator. “Strings buzz…, as … the resonator triggering unsuspected responses from the paper clips, pens, and other objects inserted under the strings,” say All Music Guide. “The pieces sound both harsh and crystalline…; in the realm of reductionis / lowercase avant-garde music, this album comes as a strange proposition.”


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(A Bruit Secret) Used CD $3.00

Eight duets from 2003, a gathering of then-young musicians from Lebanon, France and Japan playing in the fields of electroacoustic and improvised music. Tracks by Taku Unami and Norman D. Mayer; Masafumi Ezaki and Hugo Roussel; Utah Kawasaki and Jean-Philippe Gross; Yasuo Totsuka and Quentin Dubost; Masahiko Okura and Sharif Shanaoui; Yoichiro Shin and Olivier Brisson; Ami Yoshida and Alfredo Costa Monteiro; Kazushige Kinoshita and Fabrice Eglin. In card folder with visible creasing