From Tapes and Throats

(Giant Tank) LP $16.50

A couple years back, Glasgow was consumed by the collective throats of Antwerpian weirdo Ludo Mich and Brightonian/Lothian noise-family farmhands Blood Stereo (Karen Constance and Dylan Nyoukis of Prick Decay / Decaer Pinga / Chocolate Monk). Hear their night-terror-inducing Nosferatu yap melt the minds attending the Instal '06 festival on side A, and neck the swallie of post-everything sound poetry and tape-dirt manipulation on Side B. A real out odyssey. 250 copies. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2008.


Jackie Stewart / Karen Constance

(Giant Tank) Split cassette $5.00

Blurred-out fairytale fractures melt on top of warm and limpid music boxes just trying to keep up (including the wind-up ratchet, should you feel compelled to boogie down) in the Smegma / Tenses maestra’s futuristic transmission of indecipherable lullaby residue. An ideal ramp-down into a turntablist ravine where how to properly shit in the woods is the blotto topic du soir. Bears do it, the Pope does it, no reason you should be left in the dark. On the flip, Blood Stereo / Smack Music 7 sister’s mosaic of instructional voice vanishes into and reconstitutes out of parallel tone ribbons and subdural electronic quack. C40



(Giant Tank - gtnk027) Magazine $5.00 (Out-of-stock)

Twenty-four pages of international gonkism with contributions by Malcy Duff, Susan Fitzpatrick, Seymour Glass, Rob Hayler, Joe Murray, Ali Robertson, Collette Robertson, Angela Sawyer and Daniel Spicer. Cover designed and printed by Rock Sizemore.


The A–Z Of Weirdo: Volume M

(Giant Tank) Cassette $5.00

“Tape-processed work with a thorough focus on voice,” is how our friends at Art Into sum up this deconstruction of descriptions from the late, great Weirdo Records website. “High-speed playback and reverse voices are piled up, and the contents are full of unclear ideas, like these people.” Edition of 50.