(Chocolate Monk - choc.543) CDR $8.00

Who does what? Well, put these in your pantheist pipe and have a guess, dummy. Huff 1: The dreaded yet joyous satsuma nightmare. You have never heard of it, but you know it. That pulse and burp and craw that leads to the electric scuttle. In a movie, it is protein farmed from a peat bog with a dollop of silver acrylic paint. Wheeze. Omit the atmosphere. Huff 2: Set deep in a dank boot. Crumpled birds bent into figure eights in woozy frame. Cave people recorded straight to paper. A crooning lothario slipped a healthy dose of something good/bad. A pot of ooze poured upon any negations. A broken laser as your friend. Huff 3: Boomers straight to walkman give good song and life advice. Edition of 50


...And The Antique African Neck Parts

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.297) Cassette $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

On this companion tape to ...And The German Pillow Menu (Chocolate Monk 2013), a Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble stalwart trades blows with Blood Stereo’s mean queen. “Tarzan Knows We Kidnapped The Baby” is just the kind of audio glurph slathered with loops and cut-ups you’d expect from the Left Coast loon, while “Tied To A Tree In Bankkop” is loop-heavy head-scratcher with fine passages of drony drump and disorienting voices. Get far from monochrome, ya freak. C20. Edition of 40.


Bicker Sweet

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.355) CDR $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Mother and daughter Monk keep the crude and tripped-out tape jams super queasy with a healthy dollop of echo and delay. Loops and manipulation go from crinkled, hissing ear wobble to more in-the-red what-the-fuckery (à la Polly Shang Kuan Band). Numbered edition of 30.


Day Music / Night Music

(Chocolate Monk - Choc.548) Split cassette $7.50

Constance the insomniac presents heavy, processed electronics, field recordings, mangled voices and tape wrangle constructed late at night in bed. Fend off the darkness fears with some Blackburn Academy of the Arts sun glow bloom insight. #pro-peasantmusic. On the flip, synth, tape players, loops and delay squelch and skitter into dream as early bird and morning whistler Nyoukis takes a wee stumble into a low T tower of crud. Recorded during the day live to tape. No nightmares allowed.



(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.360) CDR $8.00 (Out-of-stock)

Blood Stereo’s better half lurches out of the Shed of Dread to present us peasants with a solo disc of tape and loop damage, recorded ten years apart (one half laid down in the shit basket that is 2017, the other during the rosy days of 2007 when the Doomsday clock was a comfy five minutes to midnight. Take a heavy sniff of this doink. Numbered edition of 50


Jackie Stewart / Karen Constance

(Giant Tank) Split cassette $5.00

Blurred-out fairytale fractures melt on top of warm and limpid music boxes just trying to keep up (including the wind-up ratchet, should you feel compelled to boogie down) in the Smegma / Tenses maestra’s futuristic transmission of indecipherable lullaby residue. An ideal ramp-down into a turntablist ravine where how to properly shit in the woods is the blotto topic du soir. Bears do it, the Pope does it, no reason you should be left in the dark. On the flip, Blood Stereo / Smack Music 7 sister’s mosaic of instructional voice vanishes into and reconstitutes out of parallel tone ribbons and subdural electronic quack. C40


Lalo Mendy

(Chocolate Monk) CDR $7.00

Cinematic molecules from another era, having seeped through fissures in the timeline, arrive on Lalo Mendy disguised as neurological pulsations and astrally projected trailers from a drive-in theater. Does this mean La Constance is here to willy Enter The Dragon and Cool Hand Luke samples all over your nilly? You deserve a slap for even asking, Bun-Bun. The repetitions here feel compulsive and hypnotic, yes, but also off-kilter and Just Not Right, away from which one is loathe to look. Areas rumble like boats traveling where they oughtn’t, shot through with the kazoo-like quack of bleeps and voice fragments and shadows of transmissions intercepted from intercoms at Business Goose HQ. A recurring tempo recalls quasi-synchronous swingsets rocking back and forth as enjoyed by the surreal children often depicted frolicking and assuming recognizably-Constance postures in her paintings and collages. It is also, however, a bit more complicated. Orders from the Supreme Honk simultaneously ooze over and whiz toward an all-femme Space Force, destabilizing civilians like us with Doppler Effect howls that leave us feeling pushed out of an airplane and descending through a hailstorm of whistling meat rocks. Destination: Unarius picnic overtaken by groundskeepers scooping up damaged mechanical heads with shovels. Edition of 50


Live At Colour Out Of Space 2009

(Chocolate Monk - choc.233) split CDR $9.00

Split release recorded live in Brighton 2009. Solid Eye’s gloved maestro of live tape manipulation conjures up amazing, smoked-out loop wobble. If you cut the guy, he would bleed Ferric Oxide. Constance and Wiese twist knobs and deliver spectral head scratch of marble-losing proportions. A sweet ear pickle all round.


Nothing To See, Hear

(Chocolate Monk - choc.474) CDR $6.00 (Out-of-stock)

Using the same set up, Little Sister presents a companion release to the Dylan Nyoukis disc of the same name, recorded inside Wino Lodge. Further dollops of loop damage which aim to disorient and frazzle in the nicest possible way. Numbered edition of 50


Old Scar For New Nose

(Chocolate Monk - choc.509) CDR $8.00

Processed surreal appeal from Wino Lodge’s hardest working dweller. The words are garbled, but the tapes and gadgets are in enough oscillation to keep your ass anodic. It’s hard to believe Miss Constance’s craft graft wasn’t always so strong but chance meetings at an early age set her on the path of prevalence: First meeting the Tartan Lads in Blackburn Chemists at the age of seven where “Scotland’s top performing duo” informed her “even a wee lassie can wear a skirt of many colors,” and then just a few years later a caged mynah bird in a Coldingham pub told her “the life of an artist is a fucktard’s waddle!” Numbered edition of 60


The Junk Merchant

(Chocolate Monk - choc.497) CDR $6.75 (Out-of-stock)

Further tape and electronic zoink broadcast from the unfettered mind of Covid Karen. Unlike the recent shorter tracks on Still Awake (Beartown) and Still Asleep (More Mars), here we get many sections meshed into one long collage that has that satisfying cut-up yet fluid feel to give you the burbles. If you get giddy on the cool hum of autumn then this click clacker is for you. Hand danglers should approach with caution. Edition of 60


Therapeutic Effects

(Chocolate Monk - choc.533) Magazine + CDR $13.25

Solo works and collaborations cooked up in both the audio and visual realms. The full-color stapled A5 booklet features paintings, collages and life pointers. The accompanying disc comes in a one-off hand-collaged cover and gives you a solo track from each Wino Lodge dweller and a spun-out hand hold. Remain prescribed to the outer edge. Includes stickers, badge. Numbered edition of 50