Gettin Personial

(Inyrdisk - IYD37) LP $17.00

Eight mystic grunge-pop singles and B-sides for the charts in heaven, plus one long guitar cryer for the heads by Blake Hargreaves -- prolific experimenter and a cog in the braintrust that gave the world Dreamcatcher, Thames, and Cousins of Reggae. Wordy, buried lyrics; thick songwriting magic; mystifying recording techniques; candy riffs; sub-glam moves swathed in smoke; chewed, pig-piled guitars; and obsessive drum kit recording. Seem like Psychic Hearts-loving Royal Trux outsider ’90s worship to you? Cuz it am. Stenciled, screened and stamped sleeve and lyric sheet. Includes free download. Edition of 333.



(Inyrdisk - IYD90) 3xCDR $13.25 (Out-of-stock)

Over three hours of riveting musique concrete, long-form drone compositions, the infinite worlds found within bassoons and voices, and refined experimentation from Al Margolis, remastered and repackaged from the self-released tapes sold in a nearly invisible edition during a 2013 tour. Gatefold package, sturdily pasted-on art over disk envelopes and an insert. Edition of 99.


Blessed Clue In The 3 Sided Dream Of Entwined Saxophones Heads + Busts (On The Sands At Barge Grove)

(Inyrdisk) Used CDR $5.00

Live electronics and field recordings by Kevin Hainey from 2011, a three-sided concept album landscape from a not-so-picturesque Canada, exploring mysterious new drifts for very wavy avant-garde experience. Edition of 100


Exorcismes From All My Fingers

(Inyrdisk - IYD59) 2xLP $27.00

The Mama Bär double-album of the century — a ritualistic culmination of The Freak of Flensburg’s dark, disturbing, and emotional soul awakenings. Eight epic exorcisms and alien dream soundtracks spread over four sides. Eighty-three minutes, one unholy opus of hypnotic female emancipation. Edition of 250


Pink Noise / Man Made Hill

(Inyrdisk - IYD88) split 7-inch $9.00

Two prime movers each from Montréal’s most admirable modern punks and Toronto’s relentless electro-pop sorcerer. Mark Sauner, Graeme Langdon, and Tara Desmond’s magic cash’n’carry stunners shake with tight disjointedness, while Randy Gagne mystifies with filthy tapes, blown-out beatboxes in full body-slam mode, and some hot-stepping into soulful crooning glory. Risograph-printed covers. Edition of 500.


Tamán Shud

(Inyrdisk) Used CDR $4.00

This fresh spirit from Pulawy, Poland, crafts dark ambient spells and impenetrable whorls of foggy nocturnal environmentalism in tribute to the mystery of the unknown man (all of the tags on his clothing had been removed) who was found dead on Somerton Beach, Australia, in 1948. Inside a secret pocket of the man’s clothing on a page torn from the Rubaiyat was written the great book’s final phrase “tamém shud,” meaning “finished” in Persian). Numbered edition of 30.