The Man, The King, The Girl

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The early recordings on this disc by Rob Fisk (bass and guitar) Greg Saunier (drums), and Satomi Matsuzaki (vocals) took about two years to compile from zillions of practice tapes. There’s a conscious moving away from their improvisatory noise roots here, with a focus on what to the group sounds the most catchy, hi-fi, and powerful.


Milk Man

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Behold the harnessing of maniacal energy, forged into seriously dense and carefully considered songwriting. Cleaner and deep production reveals Deerhoof’s commitment to letting the songs speak for themselves. Greg Saunier’s drumming is quite restrained, Chris Cohen and John Dieterich concern themselves with static harmonies and miasmatic outbursts, and Satomi Matsuzaki delivers remarkably complex vocal melodies.
CD is sealed.
LP is first pressing from 2004. Sealed



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“[T]he band’s debut alternated actual melodies with meandering bits of downtown-style guitar noise, [but] everything on Holdypaws could easily be classified as a ‘song’ …, [sounding] very much like a less-refined Blonde Redhead. This development represents a steady progression toward relative normality…. Deerhoof’s songs universally portray a surreal, nightmarish place seen through the eyes of a child, as if Glenn Branca composed a soundtrack to ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’ Songs like ‘Queen of the Lake,’ ‘The Moose’s Daughter’ and ‘Crow’ describe an interior landscape populated by shadowy, half-beast mutants…. There are no songs about ‘relationships’ or anything else vaguely connected to the sane world’s agreement about what constitutes reality; this is the stuff of dreams, and as such, they are effectively creepy and strange.” From 1999


Rock Stars Kill

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1994 comp with tracks by Tourettes, Cupid Car Club, Star Power, Boredoms, Helium with Bird of Paradise, The Spinanes, Team Dresch, Mukilteo Fairies, Severed Lethargy, Rancid, Free Kitten, Universal Order of Armageddon, The Peechees, Starpimp, Pell Mell, Smog, Kathleen Hanna, Star Sign Scorpio, The Hattifatteners, Grouse Mountain Skyride, God Is My Co-Pilot, Fifth Column, Fleabag. Includes bonus seven-inch