(Outlier Communications) LP $25.00

This debut LP by Kevin Hainey and Sarah Tracy blends lo-fi sensibility and hi-fi substance by using atypical rhythms, atonal sounds, and shifting forms. The result feels at home in a number of genres (electronic, ambient, psychedelia, minimalism), all the better to soothe your psyche with shimmering inner light and to massage your senses with meditative warmth.


Gona Rubian Ranesa

(Outlier Communications) LP $29.00

The Argentinean band’s first studio album in seventeen years updates their classic sound to new realms of hypnotic psych-rock immersion. Miguel Tomasín, Anla Courtis, Rob Conlazo and Pacu Conlazo are clearly reinvigorated on this true masterpiece of psychedelic rock. About the four tracks on this “brain-melting monster,” Obladada has this to say: “ ‘Cameso Cator Sitero’ is a … corkscrew ride … stuttering around a motif that eventually blossoms into no less than a chopped and sliced ‘Ode to Joy’…. ‘Lintiri Teperoli’ drifts into view with organ patterns and drumming like a studio sketch from A Saucerful of Secrets, complete with Tomasín’s spiraling space whispers. ‘Acotan Silago Foli’ continues the overall drift as elements slowly gather, elevate and intermingle…. ‘Corlo Saturu’ snaps back into a busier, slobbering, grooving mess [as if a] studio ceremony has just exploded…. Eventually lysergic guitar forms out of the shitstorm, teasing lines and half-obliterated logic. Thirteen minutes of gloriously and furiously thrashing bliss heading absolutely nowhere.” Double-side insert. Alien green vinyl. Edition of 218.