Gona Rubian Ranesa

(Outlier Communications) LP $29.00

The Argentinean band’s first studio album in seventeen years updates their classic sound to new realms of hypnotic psych-rock immersion. Miguel Tomasín, Anla Courtis, Rob Conlazo and Pacu Conlazo are clearly reinvigorated on this true masterpiece of psychedelic rock. About the four tracks on this “brain-melting monster,” Obladada has this to say: “ ‘Cameso Cator Sitero’ is a … corkscrew ride … stuttering around a motif that eventually blossoms into no less than a chopped and sliced ‘Ode to Joy’…. ‘Lintiri Teperoli’ drifts into view with organ patterns and drumming like a studio sketch from A Saucerful of Secrets, complete with Tomasín’s spiraling space whispers. ‘Acotan Silago Foli’ continues the overall drift as elements slowly gather, elevate and intermingle…. ‘Corlo Saturu’ snaps back into a busier, slobbering, grooving mess [as if a] studio ceremony has just exploded…. Eventually lysergic guitar forms out of the shitstorm, teasing lines and half-obliterated logic. Thirteen minutes of gloriously and furiously thrashing bliss heading absolutely nowhere.” Double-side insert. Alien green vinyl. Edition of 218.