Goma Rubian Ranese T-Shirt

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Gona Rubian Ranesa

(Outlier Communications) LP $29.00

The Argentinean band’s first studio album in seventeen years updates their classic sound to new realms of hypnotic psych-rock immersion. Miguel Tomasín, Anla Courtis, Rob Conlazo and Pacu Conlazo are clearly reinvigorated on this true masterpiece of psychedelic rock. About the four tracks on this “brain-melting monster,” Obladada has this to say: “ ‘Cameso Cator Sitero’ is a … corkscrew ride … stuttering around a motif that eventually blossoms into no less than a chopped and sliced ‘Ode to Joy’…. ‘Lintiri Teperoli’ drifts into view with organ patterns and drumming like a studio sketch from A Saucerful of Secrets, complete with Tomasín’s spiraling space whispers. ‘Acotan Silago Foli’ continues the overall drift as elements slowly gather, elevate and intermingle…. ‘Corlo Saturu’ snaps back into a busier, slobbering, grooving mess [as if a] studio ceremony has just exploded…. Eventually lysergic guitar forms out of the shitstorm, teasing lines and half-obliterated logic. Thirteen minutes of gloriously and furiously thrashing bliss heading absolutely nowhere.” Double-side insert. Alien green vinyl. Edition of 218.


Minecxio Emanations 1993-2018

(Pica Disk - PICA047) 6xCD + DVD + book $45.00 (Out-of-stock)

Since 1993, this Buenos Aires group, led by its Down’s syndrome drummer/vocalist and spiritual architect Miguel Tomasín has been a universe completely of its own. Booklet 1: Liner notes by Marc Masters, Lasse Marhaug, Oren Ambarchi, Sindre Bjerga, Sixto Fernando, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, C. Spencer Yeh, John Olson and others. Booklet 2: Photos, artwork, press clippings, quotes, flyers and posters (most have not been published before). Disc 1: Early recordings, some material from small edition cassettes, some previous unreleased. Disc 2: The never-released Vedeosmas Tecretre album, recorded 2001-2003. Disc 3: Selections from the 2001-2002 Jaz Ronco Jits sessions, previously available as very limited CDRs. Disc 4: Previously unreleased conceptual pieces, including performances at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, NASA in Houston, the Atomium in Brussels, outtakes from the 10,000 Chickens Symphony and from public street protests in Buenos Aires during the December 2001 crisis. Disc 5: The never-released Roniles Dasa Selebro album, recorded 2000-2001. Disc 6: Previously unreleased collaborations with Dr. Socolinsky, Pauline Oliveros, Nelson Gastaldi, Jazzy Mel and Acid Mothers Temple. DVD: A 90-minute collage of live performances and other videos that offer a rare portal to the world of Reynols. All discs come in individual printed wallets. Edition of 500.


Minexcio Connection: Live at the Rosedale Cafe

(Roaratorio) LP $12.00 (Out-of-stock)

The results of one of the most unexpected yet fruitful partnerships in recent years, a live collaboration between electronic music pioneer and sage of the environmental-drone Pauline Oliveros and indefinable Argentinean experimenters Reynols. Recorded in August 2000 during Reynols’ first trek through North America, the record features a version of “Six For New Time” (originally composed for Sonic Youth’s Goodbye 20th Century album), along with idiosyncratic throat-singing and hypnotic dream/dronescapes.


Peloto Cabras Mulusa Olve

(Calar Music) LP $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

In the late 90s, after a year as the Monday-to-Friday house band on a medical TV show in Argentina, the group recorded these remarkable tracks at their own Ornitivo Studios in Buenos Aires. Based on a trio line-up, with Tomasín’s verbal laboratory in all its glory plus his chunky drums and sharp guitars, the band creates a milestone of a savage era. This raw, powerful, vital, oneiric, and obscure gem (originally released by White Tapes in 1999) includes two bonus tracks from the same sessions. With download card.


Rampotanza Grodo Rempelente

(Locust) Used CD $8.00

“Sourced heavily in recordings made in a busy Buenos Aires street in 1994,” reports Rovi about the third volume in the Met Life Locations Sound Series, titled after “another one of drummer / guru Miguel Tomasín’s inspired manglings of Spanish, is another fine example of the kind of blurring of the difference between life and art at which the Argentinean avant-gardists are uncannily gifted. The second track, recorded in July 2002, remixes the same street sounds into a mist of grainy drone … before a crazy psychedelic jam session kicks in [where] Tomasín’s utterly original and totally wonky drumming steers the rest of the group into all kinds of odd corners, with hilarious and wonderful results.” Punched barcode. Sealed