… Of Dogstarman

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“A single, monolithic piece of itinerant synthesis, based on the Stan Brakhage film, never quite getting into harsh noise realms, instead a continuous ghostly blur of steely electronics.... Something of a neglected classic” from 1998 by the Incapacitants / Uchu-Engine / C.C.C.C troublemaker and the Kousokuya / LSD March / Fushitsusha tour guide.


The Night Before

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The sixth album of psychedelic tunes and silent improvisation by the former leader of Overhang Party and crew issues a warning about the perishing of modern civilization. With a NY-flavored homage to Tom Verlaine & Richard Hell’s “Memories of Fire,” and a cover of “Search & Destroy.”


Japanese Original Rock Style

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With their finely intermingling and ceaseless repetition, full of poésie, Miyanishi’s elusive songs are products of this well-known manga artist’s self-contained psychedelic world. His backing band includes Delta blues guitarist Roiki, and Louis Inage on bass and ring modulator. As with his illustrations for The Stalin, Les Rallizes Dénudés, and his own band Onna, the music on Japanese Original Rock Style is grotesque and erotic, yet precise and delicate. Liner notes by Endō Michirō. Artwork by Nemoto Takashi and Miyanishi.


Otherside of

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Tokyo psych mainstays from 1990 to 2008 who, according to Dusted, “mixed the melodies with the mope to achieve a Paisley Underground sort of effect, albeit with virtuosic guitar freakouts by leader Rinji Fukuoka…. [M]ajestic melodies, challenging and progressive outlines, ripping leads, and proper song structures … recorded in Japan rattle the cages of … young, “tribal” drug-pee band[s]… with the skill and professional freakout-making abilities they all lack.” The seven-inch contains two songs from the band's 1999 US tour: “Le Few Follet” with its pop-psych layering and dueling lead guitars that are thick and confident and “Cut Up Us,” a collage of sounds from the entire tour and symphonic tapeloops.


Live Performances: 1992-1994

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A 1996 release, one of a few solo outings by sax biting NNCK collaborator and Fushitsusha co-founder. LSD March drummer Ikuro Takahashi makes a guest appearance, as do the streets of Shinjuku, Tokyo.