Live at UFO Club May 20, 2006

(Musik Atlach - MA001) DVD $16.50

Heavy, psychedelic, emotional rock'n'roll with loud guitar feedback, as only the Japanese can filter (come, on, you know the drill). Includes 40-minute bonus footage of Michel Henritzi (Dustbreeders) and Overhang Party' leader Rinji Fukuoka in a dual-guitar fluid-swap, with photographer / projectionist Kumiko Karino on visuals.


Otherside of

(Pataphysique - DD89) 2xCD + 7-inch $40.00

Tokyo psych mainstays from 1990 to 2008 who, according to Dusted, “mixed the melodies with the mope to achieve a Paisley Underground sort of effect, albeit with virtuosic guitar freakouts by leader Rinji Fukuoka…. [M]ajestic melodies, challenging and progressive outlines, ripping leads, and proper song structures … recorded in Japan rattle the cages of … young, “tribal” drug-pee band[s]… with the skill and professional freakout-making abilities they all lack.” The seven-inch contains two songs from the band's 1999 US tour: “Le Few Follet” with its pop-psych layering and dueling lead guitars that are thick and confident and “Cut Up Us,” a collage of sounds from the entire tour and symphonic tapeloops.


Overhang Party

(Mutant Music - MM026) LP $11.00 (Out-of-stock)

Reissues of the long out-of-print debut LP by Rinji Fukuoka and Co., at their formative nucleus in 1993. Avant-garde, improvisational, amazingly soundscapular. The beautiful and the abrasive. Edition of 500.