Itsukushimi no Ame no naka de

(Musik Atlach - MA007) CD $16.50

Female accordion player based in Tokyo, whose noteworthy debut, Utsuho (Tzadik 2001), featured Haino Keiji as a guest musician. She crosses the border between pop and avant-garde with ease (a natural part of the territory when your instrument of choice is the accordion). Her hushed improv bears the beauty and nostalgia of folklore; within her delicate exotica are hidden fortitude and energy.



(Musik Atlach - MA005) CD $16.50

Naomi Hoca's funereal, dark drones are based on old sacred songs. As a devotee of ancient religious music from the Renaissance and Middle Ages, she is affected by the work of mystics and tries to combine music from Christianity and the point of view of the pagan. Her sound consists of drone, quotation, sacred song and her vocalization, and is dedicated in condolence to forgotten casualties of war.


Black Bikini

(Musik Atlach - MA014) CD $13.50

Pentti Dassum (aka amplified junk metalist Umpio) and Jonna Karanka (aka visual artist and improviser Kuupuu) locked themselves indoors for three days during the winter of 2013. The resultant arrangement of space debris and wriggling dark worms is built from tapes, loops, junkstruments, harassed guitar, bass, electronics, processing and manipulations.
Grab yourself a sniff here: https://soundcloud.com/musikatlach/sets/black-bikini-st


Flokka Kur

(Musik Atlach - MA011) CD $15.00

Collaborative “Shamanic music in urban context” and “sounds for non-Euclidean geometry landscapes,” which start with the noisy, mystical drones of the Finnish Uton and continues with the Argentinean Courtis’s manipulations and extra noise. Thematically linked by flowers, mixed with Spanish and Finnish language.

ES / K2


(Musik Atlach - MA015) CD $16.50

On this unique and unexpected collaboration by the mad doctor Kimihide Kusafuka and the piano-and-sax duo Takayuki Hashimoto and Sara, mineral-like noise coalescences around improv pulsations. Chimeras and human machinery, organic and inorganic matter fuse, and sudden strange creatures made of space probes and skin induce panic with their harsh, dystopic sound.



(Musik Atlach - MA010) CD $15.00

Cello, violin and electronics intertwine with the vocal drones of these Overhang Party and Majutsu no Niwa veterans. Recorded live in Japan, the passionate sound and ambiance, which includes Fukuoka’s radio waves, offers “a glimpse of unbearable reality,” while the Paris recording, made at the church Église Saint-Merri, uses solemn drone loops a la Overhang Party’s “Prayer of a Fool.”


Vasilisa The Beautiful

(Musik Atlach) CD $16.50

The “ultimate screamer” from Hijo Haidan recorded live with Vava Kitora’s “shamanistic vocalist.” The duo’s intermingling of noise and drone is from a sphere beyond. Sudden, seemingly bi-polar in the extreme, fortified with delay and fuzz.


Volume V, Part I - The Visionaries’ Sand Zone

(Musik Atlach - TRCD-MA006) CD $15.00

Two years in the making, the first of two simultaneously released CDs, inspired by stillness and movement, lightness and darkness, the chaos of a city flickering with lights and the tranquility of a desolate seashore, rendered with unceasing waves of their characteristic hard rock.


At The End of Summer

(Musik Atlach - MA004) CD $16.50

Live recordings by the new psychedelic rock band lead by Overhang Party's Rinji Fukuoka.


Volume V, Part II - With à qui avec Gabriel

(Musik Atlach - TRCD-MA007) CD $15.00

Two years in the making, the second of two simultaneously released CDs, inspired by stillness and movement, lightness and darkness, the chaos of a city flickering with lights and the tranquility of a desolate seashore, rendered full of acid folk color, helped in no small part by legendary accordionist à qui avec Gabriel


Ecstatic Crystallization

(Musik Atlach - MA009) CD $15.00

Feedback-drenched guitar noise drones by Rinji Fukuoka's follow-up band to the legendary Overhang Party. Here the magical garden of post-Velvet doom is stripped to the bare essentials by way of the Japanese psyche. Eternal contemporary rock’n’roll theater.


Live at UFO Club May 20, 2006

(Musik Atlach - MA001) DVD $16.50

Heavy, psychedelic, emotional rock'n'roll with loud guitar feedback, as only the Japanese can filter (come, on, you know the drill). Includes 40-minute bonus footage of Michel Henritzi (Dustbreeders) and Overhang Party' leader Rinji Fukuoka in a dual-guitar fluid-swap, with photographer / projectionist Kumiko Karino on visuals.



(Musik Atlach - MA006) CD $16.50

Not to be confused with Sachiko M, Japanese vocalist Sachiko (ex-Kousokuya, Overhang Party, Vava Kitora) bases her sound on the interface between voice and electronics, producing fantastic, ritual noise-drones that glide into the quiet Great Beyond. This live recording from 2008 distills her modest expression into psychedelic and organic hypnosis.


From the Twilight, Next to Nowhere and Disappeared

(Musik Atlach - MA008 ) CD $15.00

Jani Hirvonen's one-man project wanders through silent, dark, semi-acoustic mysteries where outer space echoes and alien atmospheres adorn noisy walls of sound. Sources include electric guitar, electronics, voice, percussion, bells, violin, flute, keyboards. Past collaborations include Anla Courtis (Reynols), Antony Milton (Mrtyu, Black Boned Angel), Ben Reynolds, Peter Wright, Jari Koho (Vapaa), Maxime Primault (Enfer Boreal, High Wolf) and Jan Anderzen (Tomutonttu, Kemialliset Ystävät), among others.