Eternal Life In New York City

(Phase! - PHR123) CD $9.00

Outsider songwriting through stripped playability on the verge of ’90s-era 4AD melancholy and Shadow Ring’s isolated ghost reverb. The mature epitome of decaying urban loneliness. Edition of 100. Become one with yourself and listen to “The Soulless Boy of Eden” here:



(Phase!) LP + CD $29.25

Guitar and voice through minimal effects to create instant songs, psychedelic collages and direct, stripped-down bursts by Panagiotis Spoulos. Partially improvised but fully psychographic, Gainer has anthropocentric characteristics and lo-fi character, and flirts with punk, bedroom pop and analog noise. Vinyl is 180-gram. Edition of 250. Check out the video for “Float” here:



(Phase! - PHR125) LP (one-sided) $16.25 (Out-of-stock)

The first volume in Phase! Records’ Bedroom Solitary series is a numb-feel exploration of isolation and singularity through space and darkness. Neuter beats, crawling vibratos, synesthetic repetitions and robotic ambiances form a two-piece electronic work, a hymn to the loneliness of the artistic existence. The title track features synthetic chatter on Dylan Thomas’s “Poem 39,” while “Subtract” flirts with disorientation through distortion and low sparse kicks. Edition of 99


Live In Athens

(Phase! - PHR95) LP (one-sided) $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

This physical and vital set of vocal pirouettes and juxtapositions will send you flying. Free improv sound poetry using nothing but voice (“the original instrument,” as Joan La Barbara would say). An all acoustic performance, totally devoid of electronics, and yet at times resembling electronic music. Screen-printed covers. Edition of 300.


Trente Jours à Grande Échelle

(Phase! - PHR126) LP $14.50

Debut album by Mathias Pontévia, Jean-Marc Reilla, Anne Careil and France Sauvage’s Manuel Duval, who deliver six strict, desolate, stomp-pumping, cold modular-wave pieces with doses of synth-punk and electro-acoustic terror. Deranged female vocals, analog keyboard mayhem and spacious ambiance form a setting for deep subconscious nightmare plays. Edition of 500.


Ροαξη Φινγερζζ ΒΣ. Ροψκ Σλινγερζζ

(Phase! - PHR104) LP (one-sided) $20.00

Sewn Leather is a trigger, a road warrior, the punk that can be smoked. Somewhere between Whitehouse’s nihilism, Wolf Eyes’ high pitched suffocation and evil Prodigy rhythmology, Griffin Pyn re-invents the 21st century punk, soaked in battery acid, swallow-ready for the confusion generation. Edition of 200.