Sikknastafari Slash Crasstafari

(Hundebiss - H012) Used LP $13.50

Hello, good evening and welcome. Your host for tonight's show, less a performance than a bloodletting ritual, will be Griffin Pyn -- the demonic spirit, the martyred victim, and the shaman who heals and exorcises us all through his sonic sacrifice. Are you ready to test the limits of our own mortality and immortality simultaneously? Are you ready for a spontaneous group-trance ceremony? Let's see some sweaty limbs, heads, and feet! Let's see some stomping, swaying, punching, and pulsing! Join the singularly-thinking-entity driven by infectiously minimal bass beats, seemingly ground to a pulp by the teeth of some odious beast! We're gonna do this thing, right now. You coming or staying? Numbered edition of 300.


Ροαξη Φινγερζζ ΒΣ. Ροψκ Σλινγερζζ

(Phase! - PHR104) LP (one-sided) $20.00

Sewn Leather is a trigger, a road warrior, the punk that can be smoked. Somewhere between Whitehouse’s nihilism, Wolf Eyes’ high pitched suffocation and evil Prodigy rhythmology, Griffin Pyn re-invents the 21st century punk, soaked in battery acid, swallow-ready for the confusion generation. Edition of 200.