Anakrid / Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

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Pure refined terror with each artist manipulating source material from the other. The BSBC-does-Anakrid side is two tracks, the first sounding like the gates of hell slamming shut on your head five hundred times as demons circle about. The second track has a minimal, pretty and clangy loop, over which some of the most inhuman vocals ever heard are placed. The Anakrid-does-BSBC side is one track filled with textures and rhythmic industrial sounds with a strong sense of motion. 324 copies on coke bottle clear vinyl, offset vellum sleeve printed in silver and black, with a digital laser printed vellum insert, all housed in a picture disc sleeve. Co-released with Black Horizons and Stereonucleosis.


(si’ke•del’ik) volume one

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Sounds characterized by allucinations, distortions of perception, altered states of awareness, and occasionally, behavior resembling psychosis. Tracks by Contagious Orgasm, Christian Renou, The Haters, Grillhaus, Noggin, John Wiese, Rowenta/Khan, Mixed Band Philanthropist vs. Broken Penis Orchestra. From 2004