Education Of Lars Jerry

(Xeric) Used LP $12.00

“Bellowing horn gusts and devilishly intricate microhorn chatter within the space of a single phrase,” notes S. Duda, “allow a tsunami of sound to be answered by a volley of rapid-fire chirps, squeaks, and clucks…, [giving this 1999] LP the illusion of dialogue — as if there are two mad horn players in the room rather than one. And in Gustafsson’s hands, the give and take of his internal conversation is both convincing and intriguing…. [He sketches] a wildly diverse landscape of mood and emotion, from scalding, angry blasts to jolting surprises, to hilarious slapstick.”


The Celestial Answer

(Xeric) Used CD $5.00

Working together, the kinetic avant percussionist / poet and the indefatigable experimental guitarist are a blinding, brilliant, elemental force. Rays of white guitar noise penetrate clouds of analog synth; molten drumming blasts across free-form poetics. The dynamic is beautiful and inspired — a simple cold-fusion of intuitive interaction and boundless freedom. From 2005. With hype sticker