Calm Down

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.342) split CDR $7.00 (Out-of-stock)

With delicate hands Robert Carey and June Price fudge up your brain and send it spinning across the room in a colorful smear of whodunnit confusion. Your ears will be all hopped up and out of joint via serious loop damage, smart-ass edits and pulverizing radio talk-show gibberings, advertisements (fungal infections, anyone?), religious and political gonks, etc. Two tracks apiece from these maestros, concluding with “Half Life,” where Carey mixes a junky thirty-dollar Japanese synth drone with a Matt Krefting sampler duet performed to harass attendees at a shindig in Byron Coley’s barn. It will have you turning to the loony juice. Edition of 75


Flee Past's Ape Elf

(Feeding Tube - FTR096) 2xLP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

With roots in Hampshire College’s Electronic Music Studio in the early 1970s, Robert Carey began an epic stumble into the universe of musique concrete, using piles of reel-to-reel tape mostly recorded from television broadcasts. Banal spoken material is refashioned into bizarre, hilarious and shockingly musical suites. Influenced by Gysin, Burroughs, and Somerville’s cut-up techniques, as much as Zappa’s 1960s editing flair, Carey creates new savage aural realities. Expanded reissue of the original release (Twin/Tone Records 1979), with all new artwork and a twenty-page booklet of collages, photos, vintage letters, and liner notes penned by Byron Coley. Edition of 500 copies.


Tin WIndows

(Heart Of Glue - HOG001) 7-inch $4.00

Decontextualized public voices cut-up and repeated. Addictive, funny, oddly rhythmic, obsessive-compulsive. C'mon, your brain is at least twenty-five percent worms by now, surely you can tolerate a couple more.