August 11, 1984

(Feeding Tube) Used LP $8.00

This survey of Daved Hild’s earliest post-Girls work includes “The Fear,” recorded for a proposed Lust / Unlust EP with Robin Amos and Roger Miller; Mennonite-costumed duets with Miller; and demo tracks recorded with Miller, David Minehan of The Neighborhoods, and Dan Saltzmann of Maps and Christmas. Hild’s “approach to songwriting … cuts into personal flesh no matter whether he knows anything about yr history or not,” says Byron Coley. “Singing like a pro wrestler trying to get all sensitive, he … convey[s] huge vistas of hurt and strangeness without coming off like either a fop or a thug.” Edition of 350.


Things Under

(Feeding Tube) Used LP $15.00

Mesmerizing “organic compositions for guitar and electronics” by this member of Los Lichis, assistant to Luc Ferrari and Gavin Bryars, and host of Radio Libertaire’s experimental music show Epsilonia. Favory’s approach to strings ranges from the idyllic to Remko Scha’s Machine Guitars, slipping into and through electronics most inscrutably. Edition of 300.


Foom & Foam

(Feeding Tube) Used LP $12.00

A “dub battle showdown” recorded in 2012 using turntables, cassettes, and doodads — languidly-paced jams and instant compositions that put one in mind of classic LAFMS work. Behold the sounds, freak, freed from their original contexts, now existing as naught-but-signals. A new confusional classic, timeless beauty.


Chronicles Of Magoo

(Feeding Tube) LP (lathe cut) $60.00

Harsh sentencing guidelines. Recorded live November 2020 as part of Feeding Tube's QuaranTunes series streamed via Zoom. Edition of hardly any.


Couscous Bizarre

(Feeding Tube) LP $15.00

Maximum sentencing. Threads of unease, cunning strums, the rhythm of the loop. Includes download card.


Manual of the Bayonet

(Feeding Tube) Used LP $15.00

“Their original weirdness is supplanted here by a fully-freaked free-rock pulse and energetic explorations of various improvisational nooks,” say Bryon Coley. “Like No-Neck Blues Band and Sunburned Hand of The Man, JOMF just let it rip, and route flowing jagged sheets of sound straight out of their heads. Elements of jazz, new music, and rock of all sorts are mushed together into a great pile of strings, keys, horns, thuds, and grooves, then roll right off a cliff.”


Live At Artists Space

(Feeding Tube - FTR068) LP $15.00

Both sets from the five-night music festival in May 1978 at Artists Space on Hudson Street in Tribeca. The most mysterious and bizarrely styled NY band of the late ’70s, captured at its mutational best. Tunings, structures and rhythms from a place Capt. Beefheart once called “the other side of the fence.”


Flee Past's Ape Elf

(Feeding Tube - FTR096) 2xLP $25.00 (Out-of-stock)

With roots in Hampshire College’s Electronic Music Studio in the early 1970s, Robert Carey began an epic stumble into the universe of musique concrete, using piles of reel-to-reel tape mostly recorded from television broadcasts. Banal spoken material is refashioned into bizarre, hilarious and shockingly musical suites. Influenced by Gysin, Burroughs, and Somerville’s cut-up techniques, as much as Zappa’s 1960s editing flair, Carey creates new savage aural realities. Expanded reissue of the original release (Twin/Tone Records 1979), with all new artwork and a twenty-page booklet of collages, photos, vintage letters, and liner notes penned by Byron Coley. Edition of 500 copies.


Video Nasties

(Feeding Tube) Used LP $10.00

The debut LP by this band with strong connections to Strange Maine and AM Frank compiles material from their first four cassette singles and EPs, which seem to draw from British experimental synth punk from the late ’70s (early Human League, Tubeway Army, et al.), with a soupçon of Chrome and Suicide stirred into the mix, all of it leading (at least archeologically) toward bold splooge recalling Foetus and electronic-smudge confusion worthy of Wolf Eyes. Edition of 300