(Elevator Bath - eeaoa038 ) LP picture disc $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

A two-part composition by the artist behind seminal, vegan, straight edge, noise project Merzbow. Akita’s traditional soup of unidentifiable metallic clanging, crushing feedback, jagged white noise, and various effects. No drums, guitars, or vocals — just scorching electronic mayhem of the highest quality. Edition of 270.


Cerebral Disturbance

(Anomalous) Used LP picture disc $25.00

Three pieces of harsh, piercing noise from 1998 using the sounds of brain waves / electroencephalogram as source material. Two-color silk-screen on both sides of outer bag. Edition of 625


Spiral Tricle Distillation

(Rund Und Dem Watzmann) Used LP picture disc $18.00

Composed, mixed, and recorded at Studio Mecca, Kyoto, Nov. ’95 – Jan ’96 using only the sound of water as source material. Silkscreened plastic sleeve


Axilogue / Thermidor One Five

(White Denim - WD12) 7-inch picture disc $10.00

Crafted in their fine tradition, Aufgehoben continue to carve harsh chunks of noise with their first departure on seven-inch vinyl. Guitar and electronics sound like neither, while sprawling percussion tumbles across the rotten landscape. The two tracks on this monochromatic record jump right for the jugular, leaving little time for subtlety or reflection. Not recommended for antique styluses. 524 copies


The Cartesian Plane

(Elevator Bath - eeaoa033) LP picture disc $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Deep, meditative tranquility inextricably linked to Berry’s otherworldly painting -- absorbing, heavy with the slow unraveling of emotions, expansive and unreal. Edition of 233


New Secret

(RRRecords - RRRCANT) LP picture disc $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Can't is Jessica Rylan, a n-n-noisician who exercises both restraint and vengeance in her ability to cause emotional discomfort and physical pain in the ear, as well as a unique kind of closeness and shared ecstatic state. Using analog synthesizers, a little rhythm box here, a couple distortion pedals there. Observes the Bay Guardian, “The sounds breathed from her homemade modular synths don't come off as ladylike - they're as monstrous and violent at the appropriate volumes as the harshest noise…. [G]entle intimacy with her instrument, the lightness of her voice as it passes through … bent circuits, and the passivity of her gestures as she moves the chaotic parameters of the machine in front of her … imbue her performance with femininity.”


Pace X Friction

(Harbinger Sound) Used LP picture disc $40.00

Psilocybin psychosis from Jason Williams on this eclectic and terminally unclassifiable opus featuring genre-bending plunderphonics, lo-tech glitch, pre-laptop cut ups and general sonic mayhem.


The Beauty Bath

(Hanson - HN270) LP picture disc $22.00 (Out-of-stock)

Reissue of limited edition LP (Rockatansky 2013), about half of which is different and reworked material. Our friends at Volcanic Tongue described the original edition thus: “[L]ow-level battlefield tectonics and the sound of smeared and tortured magnetic tape [comes] over like a rusty, industrial-scale take on classic 20th century minimalism. Some of Dilloway’s most barbarously vacated drone work here, with intense low-level fireworks reduced to inchoate shadow plays and rolling, planetary scale hypnotics. Then there are moments of glissing, echoing metal tones coming out of silence, suddenly morphing into sad feedback chorales à la Eliane Radigue’s early workings but with a crude, lonely aspect that is extremely affecting.” Includes download card. Edition 500 copies.



(Japan Overseas) Used LP picture disc $10.00

From an effects-heavy improv session comes this eccentric, experimental tribal work by Yoshimi of Boredoms and OOIOO, David Nuss of No-Neck Blues Band, Daikichi Yoshida of Psycho Baba, and Rita Ackerman, who also did the artwork. Clear PVC sleeve with sticker.


Emperial Vinyl Presentation

(Candlelight) Used 5xLP (picture disc) $200.00

2001 reissues of Emperor (1993), Wrath of the Tyrant (1992), In The Nightshade Eclipse (1994), Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk (1997), IX Equilibrium (1999), Emperor Live Ceremony (1999). Eight-page booklet. Edition of 3000. Sealed



(Edition Telemark - 314.05) 2xLP picture disc $50.00 (Out-of-stock)

Music for tape machines by this Darmstadt-based composer, where the tape is led around a guide between the record head and the playback head of a Revox A77 reel tape recorder, which replays after nine seconds and adds to the input sound. Optionally, the tape can be led to a second A77 where it is replayed once again and selectively re-added to the input. Essel adds sediment of sound where every auditory event returns again and again, distorting and diminishing over time. Since its introduction in 1988, Zeitfalten has gone through a number of setups utilizing different sound sources. This edition collects four recordings: Suite I (1989, viola and voice), Messages (1990, radio signals), Reportage (1994, pre-recorded voices) and Falten (1996, two tape machines without external input). While Suite I is an environment with almost no control exerted over the replaying process, a mixer was added for the other three setups. Gatefold PVC sleeve, two large stickers, liner notes. Edition of 100


Falling b/w Tail Chaser

(Sympathy For The Record Industry) Used 8-inch picture disc $18.00

Masterpiece of psychedelic mush.


How Wheeling Feels When the Ground Walks Away

(Pan - PAN92) LP picture disc $27.00 (Out-of-stock)

An audio landscape comprised of various historic riots, from the concert hall and music venue to the sounds of modern warfare. Presented in surround sound, the tumultuous panorama of over-layered riots relentlessly envelops. The NYC-based artist, editor and art curator has been working with sound and performance since 2003, and co-founded Primary Information, an organization devoted to publishing lost works of the avant-garde and artists' publications vital to discussions in contemporary artistic practice.



(RRRecords - RRRKARL) LP picture disc $15.00

Synth noise and effects with incomprehensible vocals, as evolved from earlier efforts involving tape manipulations, junk instruments, classical samples.


Object Lessons

(What The ... - WHAT008) LP picture disc $25.50 (Out-of-stock)

Beginning with a shared love of sound poetry, psychedelic rock, Japanese scum noise, Japanese psychedelic rock, Object Lessons' itinerary embodies more present-time sensibilities: Lieberman's sculptural and multimedia work The Corrector's Custom Pre-Fab House (itself inspired by Robert Venturi and Denise Scott-Brown's 1972 examination of “the decorated shed,” Learning From Las Vegas), which includes a character inspired by Nobusuke Tagomi, from Philip K. Dicks The Man in the High Castle. Created in the style of a Katamari video game, the program features texts on each object taking various forms such as objective accounts, plagiarized product descriptions, aesthetic meditations, poetry, short fiction, satire, and prose; these texts were then transformed into this a collaboration between Lieberman and Burning Star Core's C. Spencer Yeh. The result is one part Bruce Haack, another part Charlie Gocher -- a head-on collision you don't see every day. Full-color gatefold jacket. Limited edition. TEDIUM HOUSE BEST OF 2009


Akasha_For Record

(Elevator Bath - eeaoa028) LP picture disc $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

A two-part composition filled with dynamic intricacies carefully arranged in rich, micro-detail, yielding a spellbinding, opulent listening experience that reward close, repeated scrutiny. Edition of 216


One Starry Night at the Shop

(Swamp Room) LP picture disc $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Limited edition German import of The Fierce Blonde recorded live at The Shop, Spokane Washington, with the Steinbach twins. Eighteen tracks from throughout Manning’s career recorded August 2001 with impeccable sound quality. Nicely packaged in full-color sleeves with artwork by Darren Merinuk.



(Elevator Bath - eeaoa029) LP picture disc $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

More than forty haunting yet serene minutes of field recordings, guitars, shortwave radio, analog keyboards and Moog filters. Contemplative and melodic tones build slowly into a monolithic block of sound, while layer after layer of warm atmosphere appears and then unravels into a sea of tranquility. Strikingly elegant three-dimensional music. Edition of 268


Oaxaca Dawn / Bamboo

(Elevator Bath - eeaoa032 ) LP picture disc $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

Raw, unadulterated, unpretentious snapshots of the early morning cracking of dawn in Oaxaca, Mexico, and a windy afternoon in a Hana bamboo forest on Maui, Hawaii. Recchion says he was “struck by the cacophony of sounds” of the former, which he describes as “a barnyard turned up to 11.” Regarding the latter, he says he “noticed three distinct sounds (though there are more): the wood block clunking of the stocks, the squeaking of the thin branches flicking and slipping off neighboring plants, and the white noise rustling of the leaves on top of the giant clusters.” Edition of 250.


Slot Machine Music

(Hanson - HN271) LP picture disc $21.25

True ambient sound and untreated field recordings from middle American casinos — the Horseshoe in Cleveland and the one in Hammond, Indiana, and the Grand Victoria in Elgin, Illinois, originally released on CDRs (Ergot 2013). The “cornucopia of slot machine tones,” writes Rew, “triggering aleatorically and coalescing into shimmering masses…,” compelled him to “return and record the sounds that so entranced me … in a series of ambling recording sessions over a period of four months…. I learned a lot about casino sonics in the process: game designers, for example, tune their machines to the key of C in order to optimize harmonic cohesion; one team of designers, the story goes, even spent a month perfecting a single ‘ding’ sound on one machine.” Includes download card. Edition of 500


Isolated Agent / Stranding Behavior

(Elevator Bath - eeaoa031) LP picture disc $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

A two-part sculpture / puzzle, multi-layered and almost entirely electronic, lending vivid color to a description of blackest space. Mysterious, unsettling examples of Shoemaker’s attention to detail, mood and tension. Edition of 233.


Fuck Your Punk Rock

(RRRecords - RRRSICK) LP picture disc $15.00 (Out-of-stock)

Chris Goudreau started Sickness in the mid-1980s as a tape-loop / industrial project. Here cut up electronics and rapid-fire loops are mashed together with biting comments on today's “noise scene” golden calves and half-assed trends.



(Matador - OLE105) LP picture disc $20.00 (Out-of-stock)

A totally fun and hilarious album from 1995. Even fuckin' Amazon gets it: "Despite a brazen desire to flaunt their complete lack of authenticity with an absurdly over-the-top howlin' bluesman schtick, their music really does kick tons [of] ass.... Orange augments the usual mess of raw blues and primal rock with Philly soul strings, theremin, and Beck's guest rapping." Audiophiles take note: though this is frequently referred to as "silver colored vinyl," it is in fact a picture disc. The picture is sparkling silver.


Live In Berlin

(Harbinger Sound - 107) LP picture disc $28.50 (Out-of-stock)

Recorded live at NK in Berlin on March 31, 2012, previously released as a limited edition CDR by Tochnit Aleph, the performance begins with a solo violin piece. Mayhem follows when Calanda drummers enter the gallery and Jordi Valls emerges breaking mirrors. From the speakers comes the sound of earlier VDO records and looped applause. The performance is cynical and nihilistic, yet also instantly mythical. The full performance, all twelve minutes of it, on one side, backed with a test tone on the flip, for those who accept the surreal concept and appreciate the razor blade sense of realism. Edition of 100


Calcutta Gas Chamber

(Die Stadt - DS97) LP picture disc $30.00 (Out-of-stock)

Inspired by nightmarish experiences during a visit to Calcutta in 1990, the late Australian composer conveys his impressions through electronic manipulation of field recordings made in an abandoned electrical power station in Brisbane in 1992. Grating and harsh, as indicative of nefarious activities related to death by machinery, beautifully composed and produced, completely remastered, with new artwork. Previous editions released by ND, 1993 and Cold Spring, 2006.



(Manmade) Used 10-inch picture disc $4.00

Choppy, quirky new wave from 1980 by multi-instrumentalist Kenny Jacob. One track was featured in the movie Homework. In stickered, clear-PVC sleeve with a cardboard lyrics insert. Artwork by Mick Haggerty



(Pulled Out - PULL03) LP picture disc $17.50

Matt and Nick from Antipan go apeshit with their guitar-drums dishevelment. Picture disc imported from Australia.


Justice Yeldham

(Dual Plover) LP picture disc $13.50 (Out-of-stock)

Twenty-six minutes of what's been described as "a trumpet player trapped in a two dimensional universe." Yeldham ecstatically purses his lips against sheets of amplified glass and throat sings, raspberries, and performs any kind of vocalization he can think of in between. Strangely controlled, oddly musical, simple, original, and bloody. Four tracks: "180211" (recorded live at Serial Space, Sydney); "Buzzies" and "Black Knight Cleans Bright" (both recorded January 2012); and "March of the Bodypumpers" (recorded 2009, previously available as mp3 download via Wire magazine).