The Eightness of Adam Qadmon

(Ikuisuus) LP $21.00

Vinyl reissue of this 1994 Corpus Hermeticum cassette, a recording which Jon Dale says draws him in “for its utterly unique, acroamatic sensibility…. [C]ollective and solo eviscerations from the heart of sound itself.” Made when Bruce Russell and Alastair Galbraith were still formulating the “idea of A Handful Of Dust … through experimental practice. Some of it worked better than other bits, but it all made sense as a collage of sound, pointing in the direction of freedom.” Edition of 200


Four More Raga Moods

(Ikuisuus) Used CD $4.00 (Out-of-stock)

Four more slow-glowing trance bombs that combine lucid, transparent guitar gliss with spectral folk, subliminal drones and guest appearances from Alex Neilson, Ben Reynolds, Mel Delaney, Chris Hladowski, Matt Cairns, Andy Jarvis and Pete Nolan of Magik Markers, et al. From 2006


Other Secretive Vehicles

(Ikuisuus) Cassette $8.00

Or maybe you're in the mood for audio excursions that whirl into position like the world's slowest tornado in the middle of a vast plain of highlighter pen hues. Might we suggest allowing Anla Courtis (of Argentinean visionaries Reynols) and S. Glass (ex-Evolution Revolution) to escort your party to a gravity pod? C42


Say No To Hate

(Ikuisuus) LP $21.00 (Out-of-stock)

Guitar, violin and electronics recorded in a wood workshop located in Christchurch, scene of New Zealand’s worst right-wing terror atrocity. This harsh noise masterwork is an affirmation of life and collaborative solidarity, one of the signature characteristics of the fully international scene from which it springs. Mixed and mastered by Lasse Marhaug. Edition of 200


Music Is The Music Language

(Ikuisuus) Used CD $3.00

“The most abstract and phantasmagoric release yet from the prolific Ashtray Navigations collaborator and bass-player for The Wow. ‘Swing + Maths’ begins with a subtle electronic trill and what sound like haphazardly manipulated hand drums. One instantly gets the feeling of being trapped somewhere on the wrong side of the solar system. Suddenly we’re transported to the bottom of an ocean, seemingly inside a pedal-powered submarine, as ‘Mother Legato’ shifts the mood. On ‘Spacious Yowl,’ delicious acoustic guitar resta atop the diluted remains of a synthetic beast’s mating call. Echoey chirps wrapped up in a gooey amorphous hum are prevalent on ‘Overcome Your Infinity (Fornever).’ Subtly manipulated tribal percussion – undoubtedly produced electronically – on ‘Curiosity’ leads into a final acoustic guitar number, the lush ‘Serial Hoper.’ There’s no shortage of whirrs, chirps, hiccups and burps in the forty-odd minutes of engaging, envelope-pushing music here.” 8pp card jacket. From 2005


Desolation Beauty Violence

(Ikuisuus) Used CD $4.00

A very personal take on environment and landscape recorded in England 2003, using a 12-string guitar and a handful of effects to illustrate an instrumental journey through the human detritus of city living juxtaposed with a wistful remembrance of pastoral isolation, its author torn between a desire to be part of a larger community and a need for space and solitude. 8pp card jacket