Benny Does Jets

(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.369) CDR $8.00

A sound agitation hoedown between the Australian wonder scruff (all sweat, blood and beers performing on glass) and Zealand’s best-trimmed beard (four years running) on electronics and voice. Recorded live at the Tempe Jets rugby club at the edge of Sydney International Airport. Visceral electronic fart tones stomp a happy jig and attempt to crack that code you have floating in your skull. Numbered edition of 60


Living In The Time Of The Golden Circle

(End Of The Alphabet - EAR012) Cassette $6.00

Seemingly concocted by a mad scientist, Living In The Time Of The Golden Circle brews up chemical cocktails using loopers, fuzz pedals, small keyboards and assorted electronics. On “Spinning In Sand” a pair of fuzzed out Casio-harpsichord tracks duels over various glitchy noises and burning organ drones. On the nine-minute “Save Petrol, Burn Cars,” distant submerged bangings and luminescent keyboards fuzzily glide between a handful of notes. An inviting collection of mini noise ragas. C35



(Chocolate Monk - CHOC.394) CDR $8.00

Forty minutes of electronics and loops recorded during an impromptu session at No Spray 205 in San Francisco, named after the 1919 disaster that buried an entire neighborhood of Boston in deadly sweetened ooze. Numbered Edition of 60.


Southern Bleach

(Was Ist Das - WAS33) Cassette $6.00

Blown-out sounds inspired by a long sunny afternoon talking mysticism and music with Cameron Stallones of Sun Araw in a beautiful Japanese garden in Los Angeles. C38


The Mysteries of Extremophilic Folk

(Knotwilg - KW01) LP (lathe cut) $25.00

“Grating electronics, analogue bloops, and a total resignation to the gods of entropy” is the ruling handed down by The Wire. “Meek guides his set-up into uniquely strange moments of delightful disorder. Submerged major key synth melodies play vital roles throughout, weaving … between small vacant spaces amid the mania.” Cover by Indonesian tripper Wedhar Riyadi.


We Contain Multitudes

(God In The Music - GITM002) LP (lathe cut) $25.00

Ecological ecstasy music for worms and stars by the high priest of his own soil-based religion. Meek’s sunny and sprawling palette recalls classic immersive electronic works by synthesizer legends Terry Riley and Suzanne Ciani.